LOKI BASSIN strengthens its printing capabilities by adding the Roland DG GR2-640 to its roster

LOKI Bassin

For more than two decades, French communications and visual branding agency LOKI BASSIN has been designing and producing a vast range of advertising and decorative media for its client base.


The design studio, with branches in the southern city of Bordeaux and Audenge, engages in creating visual brand identities through digital and physical artistic mediums. In terms of physical designs, the company is renowned for illuminated signage, vehicle decoration and highly bespoke, specialised printing of all shapes and sizes.

Central to LOKI BASSIN's ability to stand out from the crowd is its appetite to invest in innovative, cutting-edge technology. The agency recently acquired a Roland DG CAMM-1 GR2-640 a large-format cutting plotter solution to keep ahead of the curve and assist its creative employees.


Re-investing in Roland DG for profit purposes

Roland DG has been a go-to partner to this end. LOKI BASSIN already owns the VersaEXPRESS RS-640 Eco-Solvent Inkjet technology printer for its advanced digital printing performance, which prompted the enterprise to stay with Roland DG for its next investment.

"We are delighted with the quality, versatility and accuracy of the output of the RS-640," comments Stephane Bennaud, Commercial Director and Founder of LOKI BASSIN. 

Following the decision to expand its production capabilities, LOKI BASSIN purchased its large-format GR2-640  vinyl cutter from dealer Alcora.


The machine is built to fit seamlessly with print-then-cut workflows and deliver fast, flawless results from day one. 

"With Roland DG's world-renowned quality and reliability, the GR2-640 makes for a safe investment. The GR2 delivers fast, flawless results and performs when you need it."


Transforming production capabilities 


Indeed, the GR2-640 has proven itself as an excellent solution for vehicle graphics, signage and labels – all essential elements of the agency's customer offering. 

As well as providing superior quality output, the new device significantly shortens production time thanks to the cutter’s optimised cutting carriage delivering up to 1,485 mm per second, which in turn helps the company to improve the precision of processes and reduce its turnaround time for clients. 

This is partly facilitated by integrating the GR2-640 with Roland DG’s FlexiSign GR2-Edition software, which offers a complete digital suite to design and cut graphic files. 

We have been able to enhance our production capabilities with these new software tools that cover every stage of the production process, whether it's the creation of the design file to the cutting and weeding of the finished graphic," adds Bennaud. 

In the long-term, investing in the GR2-640 will offer the agency sound financial outcomes through increased efficiency and speed of production. This will enable the company to continue offering leading design and visual branding services to its French customers and further afield. 

To find out more about the Roland DG CAMM-1 GR2-640 and see the full range of vinyl cutters, please visit rolanddg.eu