Impact & Laser Decorators

Photo impact printer technology makes gift personalisation and direct part marking a clean, quiet and hassle-free experience. The MPX series is the perfect solution for gift personalisation and industrial part marking. The LD-80 laser decorator imprints metallic foil onto a huge range of off-the-shelf products to transform them into premium customised items.

Laser Engraver

Laser Engraver Machine LV-series

LV Series Laser Engravers

  • Pair with a VersaUV LEF printer for the ideal prototyping and personalisation solution
  • Intuitive, easy operation and a choice of two sizes to match your production needs
  • Cut out acrylic, wood, leather and fabric and mark on coated metal, glass and more
  • Create personalised giftware, trophies, signs, jewellery, prototypes and more
  • Fully enclosed operation with a non-contact CO₂ laser and Class 1 safety compliance



DE-3 Desktop Engraver

Intuitive and Intelligent Engraving for Today’s User

  • Engrave onto a huge range of giftware, signage, trophies, tools and industrial products
  • Laser pointer for quick set-up and easy production
  • Easily-applied nose cones for precise depth-regulation
  • USB
  • Includes new Dr. Engrave Plus software

Impact Printers



  • Small investment, big profit
  • Compact footprint
  • Engrave photos precisely

Laser Decorator

LD-300 / LD-80

LD-80, LD-300 Laser Decorators

A new way to personalise and to create high-value customised products at a low-running cost

  • Choice of 2 models to laser imprint designs onto pens, pocket notepads, lipstick cases and more
  • Uses inexpensive foil material to produce unique, reflective graphics
  • Safe, quiet and portable personalisation for your kiosk, store or office
  • Requires no special electrical set-up and uses limited power
  • Includes METAZAStudio software