Create ADA, Braille and tactile signage can be created using Roland equipment


Braille and tactile signage

Public buildings and services should be accessible to everybody – there are laws requiring it, depending on your location – and that includes clear signage. The production of tactile signs, for example with Braille text, is a growing market and one that sign and graphics businesses are perfectly placed to enter. Roland has developed a choice of solutions ideal for these applications.

Way finding Braille signage is ideal for restaurants, shops, tourist place and office environments

How to create Braille signs

Roland has two main technologies for the production of Braille and tactile signs, both of which are easy to use for graphics producers: UV printing and engraving. If you have a requirement for Braille or tactile signage or want to find out more, click the button to book a chat with one of our creative consultants.

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Way finding Braille signage is ideal for restaurants, shops, tourist place and office environments

UV printing Braille signage

Roland LED UV printers build up layers of gloss ink to create textures, raised designs and Braille text. Using digital technology, print businesses can produce durable Braille writing with required sizes and spaces, quickly and cost-effectively, on an extraordinary variety of materials. Choose from Roland's range of VersaUV UV printers, from benchtop devices to super-sized machines, to find the right system for you.

Discover more about UV printing, request a free copy of our UV print guide for hundreds of UV printing applications, including Braille.

Engraving Braille Signs

Roland EGX engravers have been a popular choice for producing tamper-proof tactile signage for many years. Users can choose to either drill holes in the substrates in which to place special Braille beads, or to cut out beads or shapes with a specifically designed cutting tool. Software is included to make engraving onto a variety of materials easy. Thanks to this high-speed and robust CNC technology, sign makers can play a key part in helping government and business services accessible to all.