A braille office sign on a wall
A braille office sign on a wall

Printing Braille with Digital Print Solutions

Public buildings and services should be accessible to everybody – there are laws requiring it, depending on your location – and that includes clear signage. The production of tactile signs, for example with Braille text, is a growing market and one that sign and graphics businesses are perfectly placed to enter. Roland has developed a choice of solutions ideal for these applications.

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Professional Braille Printers

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Braille printing has never been easier, faster or more accurate than with Roland DG’s range of VersaOBJECT UV flatbed printers. Create intricate braille text and other raised textures by building up multiple layers of UV gloss ink. It’s a cost-effective and speedy way to get high-quality, long-lasting results on an impressive range of materials. From compact desktop devices to super-sized industrial machines, VersaOBJECT has the right system for you.

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Images of Roland DG's DE-3, LV-290 and SRM-20
Images of Roland DG's DE-3, LV-290 and SRM-20

Professional Braille Engravers

Produce braille text and tamper-proof tactile signage using a Roland DG engraver. You can drill holes in the substrates and insert special braille beads or cut out beads (and other shapes) with a specifically designed cutting tool.

It's a high-speed, highly accurate method of producing tactile signage that makes for a great addition to your product portfolio.

Printing Braille and Tactile Products

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A close up of raised text and braille characters
A person's hand touching braille text
A tactile sign with a two people standing and a person in a wheelchair
An engraving machine with a sign on it
A sign being cut out

Braille Printing Machines

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

VersaOBJECT IU-1000F
laser LV-290
TrueVIS LG-640 UV printer/cutter
Ideas for UV Printing
Printing brushstroke texture with gloss UV ink
UV Printed phone case
Wheel hub with custom printing
multiple items in printing jigs
Printing acrylic graphic display with white UV ink

Frequently Asked Questions

Printing braille used in various settings like public buildings, schools, and other facilities is easier than ever with a digital flatbed UV printer.

Print directly onto a variety of different materials, including rigid boards and 3D objects, on a single printing machine. Flatbed printers come in larger sizes too, making it possible to print on large signage or even wall panels. Alternatively, an engraving machine is another great option for producing durable and long-lasting tactile signs.

With a UV flatbed printer, UV light instantly cures multiple layers of specialised ink as they are printed to create raised braille dots on the surface of the material. This provides a tactile representation of the printed text for individuals with visual impairments. An engraving machine creates braille by precisely etching or cutting out raised dots on a surface, following the braille cell patterns.

UV ink is very durable and resistant to most chips and scratches. On outdoor applications, the print will usually last around two years before it starts to fade, but if correctly laminated, it will last even longer. Indoor applications are likely to have a much longer lifespan and will often last the expected life span of the product.

PDF and EPS files are the most flexible format and are compatible with most RIP platforms as they can contain bitmap and vector information. Vectors allow for precise control over the placement and dimensions of braille dots and are especially useful when braille text needs to be integrated with visual content.

Spot UV is a term used to describe the application of a clear ink for highlighting elements of the design. This creates an eye-catching, glossy finish in specific areas, for example on logos or text.

Because the ink is cured instantly at low temperatures, UV printers use much less energy than other technologies which rely on heat to dry the ink. Also, the lamps require no warm-up time, which reduces standby consumption when not in use.

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