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Printing Vehicle Graphics

With Professional Vehicle Graphics Printing Machines

Installing wall graphics in sections
Installing wall graphics in sections

Customising Vehicles with Digital-printed Graphics and Wraps

From motorcycles to automobiles, trucks, buses and boats, if it moves, it can be wrapped. And there’s no better machine to build your vehicle wrap and car decal business around than a Roland DG. Equipped with fast, reliable and media versatile technology, Roland DG users can create everything from full wraps to airbrush stencils and everything in-between with unmatched quality and ease.

Vehicle Graphics printing machines
Vehicle Graphics printing machines

Professional Vehicle Graphics Printers

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Roland DG's digital print devices are trusted by professionals worldwide producing everything from high-impact vehicle wraps to high-octane motorsports graphics.

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Print Quality Vehicle Graphics

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A racing car with a printed wrap
A truck with branded graphics
A partial wrap on the back of a white van
A sports sticker on a rear car window
Close up of black flame graphic and text on a red car
A man wiping a Formula One racing car
Two motorbikes with printed graphics
Two motorbikes with printed graphics
Close up of a racing helmet featuring printed graphics
Close up of a bicycle chain crank with custom printed graphics
A close-up of a speedometer printed with UV ink
A close up of a custom wheel hub printed with colour graphics
A boat with printed graphics on a trailer
A model airplane with printed decals
A tank with printed pink graphics

Vehicle Graphics Printing Machines

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

TrueVIS VG3-640 printer/cutter
TrueVIS LG-640 UV printer/cutter
TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer
CAMM-1 GR-640 wide-format vinyl cutter
Weeding excess from a printed sticker
Printer close-up
TR2 inks
Vynil rolls in different colours
Printed wall and floor graphics in a hospital
TR2 inks close-up
Producing labels with print and cut
Printed and cut stickers on a laptop

Customer Testimonials

Succeeding with Roland DG Vehicle Graphics Printing Machines

"The printer was running literally 24 hours a day and it just took everything I threw at it." - Mark Chamberlain, Funkeefish
"Matching spot colours is very easy in the VersaWorks 6 RIP software, which is also incredibly user friendly for quickly loading several jobs in a row.." - Wisja Lamers, WLM Design
"Our first digital system was a Roland TrueVIS VG-540 which not only showed improvements in quality and resolution but also changed our business." - Kevin McCallion, Mac Signs
"We are absolutely amazed with the production speed, quality and also colour gamut. Maintenance and cleaning is much easier and down time due to problems is very rare." - Ryan Smith, Custom Striping
"The larger size and increased print speed of our Roland DG printers meant we were able to lower our production costs, and business just kept coming." - Bryar Perry, 180 Decals
"When I started here we had one Roland DG printer. Now we have four and they run 24 hours a day.." - Shawn Wesson, Gulf Coast Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

A roll-to-roll digital printer is best for printing onto vinyl for use in vehicle graphics. Both resin and eco-solvent inks remain the most popular ink choices for vehicle graphics, but even UV ink is occasionally used in some cases.

Any adhesive vinyl can be used for vehicle wraps, but cast vinyl is often the best choice. Other types of vinyl may shrink over time, especially on curved surfaces. Cast vinyl is designed to maintain its shape and structure after application, making it ideal for applying to intricate shapes like car and vehicle graphics.

Use isopropyl alcohol to ensure all surfaces are clean and free from oils before commencing.

For flat panels (for example, on the side of a van), install the graphic as you would with any flat surface; starting from the middle and working your way out to the edges.

For more complex contours, specialist vehicle wrapping skills may be required. Although they demand significant expertise, vehicle wraps present a lucrative opportunity for building revenue.

Search in your area for vehicle wrapping courses and you can learn the basics and network with experts who can help with specific issues.

Yes! With only a vinyl cutter (even a small desktop cutter) you can produce everything from car window stickers to pinstripes and lettering.

Several online libraries are available which supply vehicle graphics templates. These cover most popular models of vehicles in side, front, back and plan elevations.

For larger graphics, you can manage by printing more than you need and trimming the excess, but templates are very useful if you want to align graphics across multiple sections.

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