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With 10 wide-format printers to choose from and a community of over 28,000 users, there's a TrueVIS that's right for you. Now available in UV, Resin and Eco-Solvent, with integrated cutting options and customisable ink configurations, every TrueVIS delivers the power to excite across an even wider range of applications.

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Thousands of business owners worldwide have discovered the power of TrueVIS.
Our TrueVIS solutions give the best foundation for building a successful business.

What Can You Do with a TrueVIS?

Every TrueVIS model is designed to handle a wide range of applications with consistent, high-quality results. With a TrueVIS, you'll be able to say “yes” to more requests and maximise your profitability.

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Explore the TrueVIS Line-Up

Print Solutions for Every Need

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