Chillblast ‘Achieves Amazing’ in collaboration with Roland DG

Chillblast   |   United Kingdom

As the UK's most awarded PC manufacturer, Chillblast stands as one of the leading players in the thriving PC gaming ecosystem, providing high-performance gaming PCs and laptops to top-tier esports organisations like Fnatic and Williams' F1 esports teams. But their impact extends beyond esports; Chillblast PCs and monitors are trusted worldwide, and utilised by leading private and public sector institutions like the Royal Air Force and The Ministry of Defence.

Empowering PC Personalisation with Roland DG

The partnership with Roland DG comes at a time when there's a growing demand for personalised products, an area where Chillblast stands out as the leading PC manufacturer catering to this trend. Initially starting with the Roland DG VersaSTUDIO BN-20 printer, Chillblast recently added the TrueVIS SG3 Series large format inkjet printer to their internal line-up. This transition was fueled by rising customer demand for personalisation requiring larger-scale printing capabilities and the ability to sustain longer, unmanned print runs.

Dominic Starkey, CMO at Chillblast says, “Having full customisation over the exterior of a PC is something new to the market, and the feedback so far has been absolutely phenomenal.” Before integrating Roland DG technology, Chillblast outsourced vinyl printing. However, the quality and consistency offered by Roland DG printers proved to be unparalleled.

Enhanced Efficiency and Quality

The TrueVIS SG3 Series offers Chillblast a seamless integration of features that optimise efficiency and elevate output quality. With an intuitive 7" LCD touchscreen control panel, even novice operators can effortlessly navigate settings and monitor print jobs.

Equipped with FlexFire print heads and TR2 inks, the TrueVIS SG3 Series also delivers unmatched performance across Chillblast’s printing requirements. Whether it's applying intricate decals, crafting captivating signs, or wrapping PCs with precision, the SG3 Series excels in producing vibrant, high-quality prints that captivate audiences.

To further enhance productivity, the TrueVIS SG3 Series is equipped with the Roland DG Connect App, providing Chillblast instant access to vital data about print jobs and device performance. This enables Chillblast to make informed decisions to maximise profitability and minimise waste, ensuring optimal performance at every stage of production.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

“The integration of Roland DG printers has unmistakably set us apart from our competitors, and we eagerly anticipate unveiling more innovations alongside Roland DG in the years ahead” says Dominic Starkey, CMO at Chillblast ”

As Chillblast continues to champion esports at both professional and grassroots levels, their partnership with Roland DG remains instrumental in driving innovation, performance, and creativity in the gaming world.

“As a business built upon a shared ethos of creativity, technology and innovation, we were thrilled to collaborate with Chillblast. The demand for personalisation has opened new doors for the gaming industry, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down - with Chillblast leading the way in breaking new ground. We’re looking forward to seeing what our new wave of technology does for their business” said Stephen Davis, Marketing Director EMEA and Managing Director for UK & Ireland ”

For the Future

With over 28.000 users worldwide, TrueVIS perfectly embodies Roland DG's long legacy of premium, high-quality print and cut.