80 Valentine's day gifts you can personalise using a UV printer

Roland VersaUV technology enables you to add that personal touch – literally – to almost any object. Print clear UV gloss in layers to create textures, 3D effects and finishes in both matt and gloss finishes to create amazing multi-sensory gifts. Added to the vibrant CMYK and bright white inks, you can ensure the recipient will have something in their perfect style.

These colours and textures are possible on a multitude of substrates including wood, canvas, board, leather, textiles, ceramics, PVC, plastics (including PET, ABS, PC and TPU), acrylics, some metals and, with a primer, many more unusual materials. This flexibility makes UV technology incredibly exciting for the creative and business potential it offers. You can complete both long or short runs – even single units.

But with February 14th coming up fast, here are more than 80 or so heart-beating, money-making gift ideas you can create for your customers on Valentine’s day using VersaUV technology:

Customised luxury gifts

For luxury lovers, gifts like jewellery can be made even more special with a personalised message or symbol. Or, how about these:
Lipstick cases
Perfume bottles
Manicure and pamper sets
A box or tin filled with luxury soap, a special message, chocolates, or even a ring (check out our little video on how you can make your own chocolate mould too using a Roland milling machine!)
A vanity case or wash bag for that romantic weekend away
A big bottle of champagne with a personalised label to share

One-of-a-kind gifts for wine lovers

And, for that special bottle of fizz, you might want a glass charm or presentation box – it's the detail that makes a gift special. For those who like a tipple – or simply a cup of coffee – there are plenty of personalisation opportunities. Try these:

Wine bottle toppers
Wine boxes 
Bottle openers
Coffee machines
Wine coolers for a romantic night in
Wine bottle labels 
Water bottles and thermal flasks

Personalised gifts for sports fans

A unique water bottle would be great for sports fans and adventurers too. And did you know you can print directly onto golf balls with VersaUV? Try adding a monogram, a photo or the reminder of an anniversary date to golf kit. Or add personalisation to any of these: 
Sports helmets
Sports shoes and trainers 
Surfboards • Smart running and exercising wristbands  • Hockey pucks • Passport wallets

Unique fashion gifts

To go with that personalised passport cover, fashion lovers need unique luggage tags, a sunglasses case and watch – how else will they catch that flight to a romantic holiday destination?! Here are some other ideas for fashion-conscious recipients: 
Button covers
Handbags and purses
Belt buckles
Compact mirrors

Printing custom designs directly onto tech

For techy types, personalisation is perfect. The latest smartphone might look great, but adding a cover – or even a design printed on the phone itself – makes it a must-have gadget and a gorgeous gift. Or how about these ideas?
Tablets and tablet covers
Laptops and laptop covers
Mousemats and mice
USB memory sticks for all those romantic photos 
Remote control covers
Games consoles

Musical gifts with personalisation

For music lovers there are so many opportunities for personalised gifts. Go pocket-sized with monogrammed guitar plectrums or add a favourite colour to mini speakers – those love songs won't play themselves! Or get creative with these: 
Guitar bodies and cases
Drum skins

Unique gifts for pets

Don't forget the real loves our lives – our pets! Collars, name tags and the outside of food or water bowls can all be printed with pets' names, in almost infinite style and colour combinations. For the animal (or animal lover) who has everything, how about:
Treat jars, tins and pots
Floor mats 
Bird houses
Signs or name plaques for the outside of pet cages or tanks – perfect for hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and gerbils, and even pet snakes, lizards and other creepy crawlies! 

Customised homewares

In fact, if you look around you you'll find a world of things to customise. Personalised homewares and ornaments make fantastic gifts for any occasion, with personalisation really showing the thought that has gone into them. Decorate a unique photo frame or photo block – remember VersaUV can print on materials as diverse as metal, leather and wood – or create a canvas or glass print to commemorate a special moment or holiday.

There's just so much to choose from, but how about these?
Drinks coasters
Vases or glass ornaments
Ceramic tiles with a special message, date or picture for the kitchen or bathroom
Unique pictures, messages or invitations printed onto wood 
Fridge magnets 
Or even whole refrigerators! 
Door signs for a man cave or shed
Toy and storage boxes
Book cases and shelves
For craft lovers, UV gloss can be used to make intricately designed custom stamps for leather stamping, or traditional embossing and craft applications – so they can decorate their home their way
A life-size picture of yourself for your loved one for when you're not around!

How about gifts for DIYers, literary lovers, sun worshippers, artists and crafters, photographers, workaholics, culture vultures and petrolheads? It's over to you – what perfect present could you print this Valentine's Day? And don't forget the wrapping paper – you can print your very own design with Roland DG VersaUV printing technology!

UV printing could have a big impact on your business. Bringing unusual work in-house can increase quality control and profit margins, as well as marking you out as a creative force. There's a Roland DG UV printer to suit every business, from entry-level upwards, all offering specific applications and benefits yet simple to use. Get in touch for more information, to get your hands on printed samples or – even better – to try the VersaUV range yourself. You'll fall in love with the possibilities.

Check out all of the products in the VersaUV range and get in touch to book a demonstration today.

Have a great – and unique – Valentine's Day!