FAQ PersBiz

the digital webshop

for Sign Makers and
Print Service Providers
to start selling online


How can I get a PersBiz license?
Register your company and your device on myRoland (if you are not already registered). Once you are registered you can buy your PersBiz license. 


When buying a PersBiz license, can I start straight away?
Yes, confirmation of your shop will arrive quickly. The shop is easy to set up from the back end, where you can add your logos, images and text. You can then choose the appearance of your online shop from more than 1000 designs linked to templates customers can use. Or, customers can upload their own designs and personalise them.


When buying a PersBiz shop, can I choose the name?
Yes, you can choose the name of your shop which will then appear in your PersBiz URL (e.g. www.persbiz.com/yourname).


Do I have to take care of hosting and web domain registration? 
No. The platform is hosted on our secure server. We will give you the full online platform and the URL, both ready to go. 


Does PersBiz include both editing and sales modules? 
Yes. Unlike other platforms where you have to connect the editing platform and the online shop, in PersBiz this is combined to offer a seamless purchase experience so you don’t have to do any complicated technical configurations. 


Who will support me to set up the platform? 
PersBiz is delivered to you ready to go live. You just need to add your brand and configure the items you want to sell, set up the payment types and the delivery procedures. Then install the Production Center. The platform is simple and intuitive, and online step-by-step guides are available. If you do need help, your Roland DG Dealers or Roland DG Technical Support will be happy to assist you. 


Can I connect to other devices besides Roland output devices? 
Yes, but you need to have at least one Roland Device registered on myRoland.


How can I choose between PersBiz eCommerce or PersBiz Business eCommerce? 
PersBiz eCommerce package is a full shop open to anyone. If you want to start to sell to new and existing customers straight away, we suggest buying this version. If you want to sell online, but you’re also serving recurring customers with specific needs (franchises, resellers, chains, etc.) where you need to give them an exclusive catalogue with reserved prices, then PersBiz Business eCommerce is the right choice. 


Can I give my business customers their own login on my shop, so they can buy what they want?
Yes, but to do this you’ll need to buy the PersBiz Business eCommerce license.


Can I upgrade from PersBiz eCommerce to PersBiz Business eCommerce?
Yes you can, just send an email to your Roland Authorised Dealer who will gladly take care of it.


What is the Production Center? 
PersBiz Production Center lets you download your orders from the admin area. It automatically stores the PDF or JPG files on your computer, together with the order-related job ticket.


I already have a website. How can I integrate PersBiz? 
Each PersBiz item has a unique link. This link can be used as a hyperlink on your existing website to bring customers to your PersBiz eCommerce shop.


I only want to sell some specific items, available in the PersBiz catalogue. Is that possible? 
Yes. From the back end, you can decide what you want to sell and what should be hidden, as well as the pricing for each item.


Which file format would I receive? 
For each item, you can choose to get a JPG or a PDF file - both usable on Roland RIPs.


Can I update my templates?
You can duplicate existing templates to adjust them according your needs. If you need a specific template which is not available in the general catalogue, you can contact your dealer with your specific request.


What items are included in the catalogue?
Each PersBiz license comes with more than 1,000 designs linked to templates for items including:

• Banners
• Roll ups
• Wall wraps
• Stickers
• T-Shirts
• Canvas prints
• Photo prints
• Cushions
• Phone covers


What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
When buying a PersBiz license, you commit to a 12-month contract, with payments leaving your account each month. You can always cancel the contract three months before the renewal.


What happens if I cancel my monthly payment?
When you cancel your monthly payment, the shop will be active for one month, after which your shop will be locked for 60 days and then deleted.


When will the first payment be taken or do I need to pay up-front?
PersBiz comes without any upfront investment or cost. When subscribing for a PersBiz license, you will start paying the first of each month.