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Signage Made Simple

From shops to offices, streets to scaffolds - the world is full of printed signs, banners and advertisements in all shapes and sizes. Hang them high from the ceiling or stick them on the floor to make full use of every surface. Keep reading to explore the world of signage.


Banner Printing &
Exterior Signage

Banners are great for getting a message across but they're also a perfect sign printing solution for print businesses of any size. If you have a roll-fed printer, its width only limits your banner's height, so you can go as wide as you like, even with a small printer.

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Cheaper to transport, easier to work with and better for the environment - get creative by sculpting flexible materials around purpose-built frames.
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Hang your message high and rise above the noise! With a roll-to-roll printer, you can go as high as you like and make full floor-to-ceiling installations.
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If you want your signage to withstand the elements for years to come, vinyl cutting, direct-to-substrate printing and engraving make great durable signage options.
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If you're in the sign-making business, you probably already have the expertise you need to branch into other product areas.

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Display &

Digital printing lets you get innovative with the galaxy of available media, and create more innovative campaigns. Below are just a few ways to direct customers to those key products using every trick in the print professional's book.

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Specialist media is often used for indoor displays, outdoor billboards and lightboxes to give an eye-catching backdrop to logos, text and brand colours.
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the next time you're in a shop, have a look around. From shelf talkers to till-side display units, there's more signage in retail than you might have thought.
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When there's no room left on the walls, there's a canvas right under your feet. Use arrows, graphics and optical illusions to make truly striking floor signs.

Exhibition Signage &

A large-format backdrop is ideal for leading potential customers to a booth or an exhibition stand. In the battle to have the most eye-catching display, this is a great opportunity to get creative.

Making Money with Signs, Prints & Posters

Looking to start a sign making business or find new markets for the one you have?
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Signmaking vinyl cut signs

Vinyl Cut Signs

Contour cut a variety of materials including paint mask, window film, twill, heat transfers and sandblast. Roland DG is famous for cutting technology, and there’s no better machine for contour cutting vinyl for metal signs, wood signs, acrylic signs, window tinting, labels, stencils and pin-striping. Choose from a range of desktop and large format vinyl-cutting devices that offer an affordable and versatile solution.
Signmaking vinyl cut signs
Signmaking large format banners
Signmaking large format banners

Banners, POPs and Temporary Signage

Create wide format banners, POPs, tradeshow signs and other soft signage with a selection of dye-sublimation printers and award winning inkjet printers and inkjet printer/cutters. With Roland DG technology, users can produce signs and banners with vibrant and consistent colours, smooth gradations and razor-sharp details.
Signmaking Wooden signs
Signmaking Wooden signs

Wooden and Metal Sign Options

Print directly onto pre-manufactured and manufactured wooden materials and signs with the VersaUV LEF-300 and VersaUV LEJ UV flatbed printers. Roland also offers dye-sublimation printers for heat transfer onto metals and inkjet printers and inkjet printer/cutters for creating full-colour graphics for applying onto wood and metal.
signage with special ink effects

Unique Signage with Special Ink Effects

Roland DG UV flatbed printers can simulate embossing and 3D textures with Gloss UV ink – giving wood, acrylic, and other materials a unique and fashionable look. For sensational metallic ink effects, a selection of Roland’s wide format inkjet printers offer hundreds of pearlescent and metallic hues.
signage with special ink effects
backlit signage
backlit signage

Backlit Signage

With the latest TrueVIS VG3 series and other wide format inkjet printers from Roland DG, users can print stunning images onto film for backlit signs and displays. With exceptional image quality backlits stand out and give a vibrant, high-end look to store signs, tradeshow graphics, POPs and more.