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Wedding applications

It’s one of the biggest days of your life. You and your favourite person get to dress up all fancy in front of everyone you know and promise to be together forever. Since it’s such a big deal, you want it to be perfect, but to get there, you need to do a lot of planning.

According to stats by, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £15k – and you can bet that’s not all cake budget. A lot of that money is spent on making sure your wedding is unlike any other, with 56% of people choosing to make their own stationery and 61% making their own favours.

The appetite for something different is only getting bigger and that’s great news for print professionals and makers of personalised gifts. With the right kit you can create a full wedding package for your clients. Here are just a few ways you can turn your print shop into a wedding workshop.


Personalised foil decorated wedding placemarkers

Wedding invitations & stationery

First impressions are important and wedding invitations need to give a taste of what the big day has in store. Since digital print technology has come so far, your customers might not even know what’s possible. You can get that wow factor by trying out different types of paper or card, and experimenting with colour combos. If you use foil transfer printing when you’re asking people if they want to come to your wedding, the answer will almost always be “I do!”.

Personalised foil decorated wedding placemarkers

Acrylic wedding place markers

How about this for a warm welcome – with a hot foil transfer printer, you can get stylish results even with highly intricate designs. When your guests take their seats, and start breaking into the bubbly, these foil-printed acrylic hearts will show them that you’ve made an extra effort to make the wedding special.

Printing wedding photos directly onto canvas

Print wedding photos directly onto canvas

A wedding might be for just one day, but the memories will last a lifetime. A printed canvas featuring those favourite wedding snaps will be the perfect memento of the big day. But why stop at canvas? With a wide format UV printer, you can print the same shots, with the same crisp quality, onto almost any material you can think of, whether it’s wood, marble or metal.

wedding car vehicle wrap

Wedding car wrap/decals

Take that trip from ceremony to reception in style! With a wide format printer and cutter, you can create a matrimony-mobile like no other. You can keep it simple with some window transfers and vinyl decals, or go all-out with a full vehicle wrap. Don’t forget to finish everything off with a few tin cans tied to the tow hitch!

Printed wedding banner

Wide format wedding banners

Wide format printing lets you create full-size banners to set the event off in style and it affords limitless personalisation opportunities. Whether you choose printed banners or a dye sublimation fabric banner, a good signage company can easily adapt their typical application to a something truly unique.

wedding party sign printed directly on glass

Custom Wedding Decor

Weddings have that element of performance and organisers always try to create a theme that runs through every aspect of the event. Digital printing technologies can be used in several ways to create the perfect themed wedding. You can print signs onto any material using a wide format UV printer, print custom labels for your champagne bottles, or even use dye sublimation to create one-of-a-kind tablecloths for the reception. If you need to create a wedding like no other, the options are limitless.

wedding favours personalised engraved soap

Party favours

A great giveaway can become a talking point for years to come and with many aspects of a wedding, there’s an element of competition and one-upmanship in selecting amazing party favour. If your print company offers bespoke wedding design services, a custom packaging solution could let you create, among other things, sweets in unique cardboard gift boxes. Or you could think outside the box and create your own custom mini-soaps, just like Say It With Soap.

personalised engraved pocket watch

Special personalised wedding gifts

If you want to make sure the best man is on time to give the best speech, you need to give him the best pocket watch! An engraved watch or jewellery is a great way to say thanks to the people who play a special part on the big day. Customisation specialists who invest a relatively small amount of money on a desktop engraving machine can add a lot of new products to their offering.

Everybody wants their big day to be a special one and now, with such a huge variety of print solutions, it’s never been easier to create a dream wedding. If you’re looking for inspiration for new products to add to your print catalogue, just sign up to our newsletter here!