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• Available in two widths, 762mm (30”) and 1625mm (64”), and in 3 length configurations*

• Offers a printable height of 200mm and weight capacity on the printing table of 100kg/m2

• New extended EUV5 ink options, delivering superior scratch and chemical resistance, with printable primer for maximum media compatibility

• Available in double CMYK for increased productivity, or CMYK with optional orange, red, white, gloss and primer configurations.
*F300 and F400 configurations available only with the LEC2-640S 1625mm (64”) model

VersaUV LEC2 S-Series UV Printers



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The ultimate in versatile print production

Deliver high-quality vibrant and impactful graphics onto a vast range of objects and substrates, including metal, plastic, board, wood, canvas, vinyl, paper and much more besides, accommodating material up to 200mm height.

Promotional & Personalised Objects

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Packaging Mock-ups & Proofs

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Sign & Graphics

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Industrial Print

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ECO-UV5 inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning they meet strict standards of low chemical emissions making them ideal for indoor applications.

EUV5 inks (CMYK,Wh,Gl,Pr) are tested to meet the requirements of EN-71/3:2019 Safety of Toys Part3: Migration of certain elements standard*.

* Certification of the printed product is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the user printing the product to gain any certifications required and to bear the cost of any certification process. The toy manufacturer is responsible for compliance with legal requirements with toys.

Key benefits

Print onto a huge range of substrates and objects
Print onto a virtually limitless range of flexible and rigid substrates and objects.
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VersaWorks RIP Software Included
Feature-packed VersaWorks 6 RIP software maximises the power of the LEC2 S-Series.
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Roland DG Care - Peace of Mind
Built to provide years of reliable service, the VersaUV LEC2 S-Series comes included with a one-year RolandCare Original warranty**
**Terms and conditions apply. See warranty page for details.
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Fast-to-learn and easy-to-use, the LEC2 S-Series can be ready to use immediately after installation, with training available with purchase.
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Time-saving turnaround
Deliver a fast turnaround on jobs, with prints instantly ready for finishing and installation.
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VersaUV LEC-330S and LEC-640S top view

Choose the Right VersaUV LEC2 for your Business

The LEC2 S-Series is offered in a range of sizes to suit different production settings and requirements. Available in two widths: 762mm and 1625mm. The 762mm version is available with a 2085mm length bed, and the 1625mm is available in 3 lengths (F200, F300 or F400).

VersaUV LEC-330S and LEC-640S top view

  LEC2-330S-F200 Flatbed  LEC2-640S-F200
LEC2-640S-F300 Flatbed LEC2-640S-F400
Bed size 820 (W) x 2085 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 2090 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 3090 (D) mm 1696 (W) x 3818 (D) mm 795 (W) x 1750 (D) mm 1665 (W) x 1750 (D) mm
Printing size* 736 (W) x 1500 (L) x 200 (H) mm  1615 (W) x 1500 (L) x 200 (H) mm 1615 (W) x 2500 (L) x 200 (H) mm
1615 (W) x 3148 (L) x 200 (H) mm  736 (W) x Unlimited (L) x 200 (H) mm
1615 (W) x Unlimited (L) x 200 (H) mm
Ink Configuration 4 Colours: Dual CMYK  6 Colours: CMYKWhWhGlGl 6 Colours: CMYKWhWhGlPr 7 Colours: CMYKOrReWhWh 7 colours: CMYKOrReWhPr 8 colours: CMYKOrReWhGl

* Maximum printable width with margins set to minimum. Some media/objects may be less. Please check prior to printing.

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The Roland Academy is an important part of Roland DG’s ongoing commitment to provide both pre- and after-sales support to all customers. Courses and seminars offer hands-on training on how to maximise the use of Roland technology, alongside building knowledge on how to build a business and increase profits.

We’re on hand to support you through your journey, with specific courses on UV printing and relevant applications you want to create with the VersaUV LEC2 S-Series.