Roland DG launches DWX-51D ROI Calculator for Dental Labs

Over the last 20 years, Dentistry has made the move from more traditional, labour-intensive methods to the horizons of Digital Dental Production. With the production of restorations such as crowns, impart abutments and partial frameworks now being produced using automated, labour-saving processes, Roland DG is offering labs who wish to bring their business to the new age the chance to see exactly what embracing digital workflow can do for their profits, and their clients.

Developed by Roland DG’s industry experts, the DWX-51D offers the best of both worlds; efficient, compact, fast production with the high-quality finish you’d expect from a hand-crafted output. Designed for the milling of Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite resin and PEEK, the DWX-51D is a versatile production powerhouse for any lab working within the dental market.

To help Dental Labs see the benefits of the digital evolution, Roland DG has created a DWX-51D ROI calculator designed to provide labs with a bespoke estimation of the profit their lab could benefit from, for the five years following an investment. The ROI calculator details the amount that bringing their lab into the digital age can save their business both in terms of technician hours and financial savings, proving that the DWX-51D is an attractive prospect to any lab looking to expand their offerings and increase their workflow potential.

To request a bespoke ROI calculation for the DWX-51D ROI, CLICK HERE.

To see an example of a complete ROI calculation, CLICK HERE.