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A group of printed wooden figures
A group of printed wooden figures

Wood Printing with Digital Print Solutions

Wooden items are hugely popular in the market of personalised products, from wooden signs to one-off custom furniture. Digital printing technology offers several solutions to help you create custom wooden products and grow your business even more.

Banners printing machines
Banners printing machines

Wood Printers

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If you need a machine for printing on wood, Roland has the solution for you. Our range of UV printers let you print directly onto wooden items, from wine boxes to tabletops. If you can imagine it, a Roland printer can make it happen.

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A vinyl banner on a metal fence
A mesh banner on a large even fence
A pull-up banner in a room
A large pop-up display banner
Two soft fabric banners on a lamp-post
Two feather flags in an entrance hall
Exhibition booth featuring digitally printed graphics
Exhibition booth featuring digitally printed graphics
Exhibition booth featuring digitally printed graphics
A pair of skateboards with custom printed wraps
A selection of custom printed drumsticks
Engraved tiger artwork with UV print
A wood panelling with a printed logo
A section of log with printed details

Wood Printing Machines

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

VersaOBJECT MO-240
VersaOBJECT SF-200
TrueVIS VG3-640 printer/cutter
Weeding excess from a printed sticker
Weeding a vinyl cut graphic
Printed and cut stickers on a laptop
Printed wall and floor graphics in a hospital
Printing acrylic graphic display with white UV ink
A huge variety of signage in New York's Times Square
TR2 inks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - Direct-to-object UV or eco-solvent solutions make it possible to print directly onto a wide range of wooden material, including solid soft and hard wood, bamboo, cork and composite wooden products like plywood and chipboard.

There are several methods of transferring prints to wooden items. These include cold-apply methods like decal transfers, and heat transfer options like heat-transfer vinyl and direct-to-film (DTF) printing. Results will vary widely depending on the type of wood used, the evenness of the surface and other factors. It's best to test options prior to production or to consult an expert for more advice.

Most digital printing technologies print with inks which are semi-transparent, making them best-suited for printing onto light-coloured surfaces. However, white ink is also available, which creates an opaque sub-coat allowing you to reproduce images on any surface with full vibrancy.

To print any texture, you will need a UV printer equipped with gloss or clear UV ink. This is specified in the design file with a special spot colour, which the printer's software can interpret as gloss ink areas. You can vary the transparency of these spot colours or add gradients to increase or decrease the density of gloss ink, effectively adding another dimension to the print output. To emphasise the effect even further, you can build the print up in several layers. To learn more about these techniques, browse our blog or get in touch with a Roland DG print expert

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