Printing on Wood

Printing on wood dominoes
Printing on wood dominoes

If you need a machine for printing on wood, Roland has the solution for you. Our range of UV printers let you print directly onto wooden items, like wine boxes or picture frames. You can even print onto large wooden items like doors or table tops. If you can imagine it, a Roland printer can make it happen.

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Printing on wood coasters

Printing on wood

Print wooden signs, sports equipment, home décor products, furniture and much more with our range of LED UV printers. Able to print directly on reclaimed wood, laminate wood, hardwoods and softwoods, the VersaUV series is an excellent range of printers for everyone from sign makers to design studios.

Our benchtop wood printing machines are ideal for decorating small wooden items such as photograph frames, or for adding personalisation to parts of larger items like musical instruments. Get creative by printing with white ink – perfect for adding highlights or as a base for dark colours – and adding textures with gloss ink.

Printing on wood coasters

"Lots of shops are offering hand-painted or stencilled signs, but they can't work on a rough surface - we run the wood right through the LEF and our prints come out perfect"

Ben Laskowski, Pretty in Polka Dots

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