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Installing wall graphics in sections
Installing wall graphics in sections

Trophy Personalisation with Digital Print Solutions

Trophies, awards and medals are meant to be shown off. Roland DG offers a complete lineup of versatile and reliable engraving and printing devices, ideal for professional personalisation of trophies, awards, cups, medals and plaques. It's a popular market with a high potential for return on investment and plenty of room for creativity.

Trophy and award personalisation is a cost-effective addition for many businesses – such as sign makers or display producers – and can open up opportunities whether you're entering the personalisation space or looking for a new direction.

Professional Trophy Personalisation Machines

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Roland DG UV flatbed printers provide an incredible choice of materials, colours and textures, including full colour and white UV ink onto glass and acrylic. These versatile devices fit into your workspace and deliver high print speeds and professional-level production.

Roland DG VersaSTUDIO engraving machines allow you to personalise a wide choice of trophies, medals and plaques. As well as personalising standard metal trophy options, add sharp text, images, logos and patterns to wood, laminates, glass and acrylics.

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Personalising Trophies and Medals

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Award & Trophy Personalisation Machines

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

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Frequently Asked Questions

Printing trophies, awards and medals has never been easier with a digital flatbed UV printer. Print onto various materials, including metals, plastics and acrylics, using a single printing machine. Flatbed printers print directly onto objects up to 200 mm high or even higher with the use of spacers.

Alternatively, an engraving machine is another great option for personalising trophies, awards, medals and plaques in a variety of materials, including metal.

With a UV flatbed printer, UV light instantly cures the printed ink on the surface of the material. UV inks are designed for vibrancy and flexibility. They can fit around curves so they can print onto cylindrical or rounded surfaces, offering exciting opportunities to personalise trophies, cups or awards up to 200 mm high.

UV ink is very durable and resistant to most chips and scratches. On outdoor applications, the print will usually last around two years before it starts to fade, but if correctly laminated, it will last even longer. Indoor applications are likely to have a much longer lifespan and will often last the expected life span of the product.

Because the ink is cured instantly at low temperatures, UV printers use much less energy than other technologies which rely on heat to dry the ink. Also, the lamps require no warm-up time, which reduces standby consumption when not in use.

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