ECO-UV inks
Beautiful. Sharp. Outstanding.
Truly exceptional UV print quality.


Specifically formulated for Roland DG’s VersaOBJECT range and the TrueVIS LG and MG Series.

  • Delivers stunning quality prints at all speeds, with high colour density and wide gamut
  • Easily adheres onto a virtually limitless range of materials and substrates, both coated and uncoated, including plastics, wood, metal, foils, paper, films, vinyl and much more besides
  • Dries immediately under low temperature LED lamps, with print jobs instantly ready for post-production
  • Available in CMYK, orange, red, white, gloss, printable primer and decal-release primer for the fullest range of printing capabilities

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Outstanding performance

ECO-UV ink offers superior scratch and chemical resistance, and a reliable outdoor durability. Producing graphics that can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking.

Offered in CMYK, orange, red, white, gloss, printable primer and decal-release primer, enabling a range of ink configurations. High-opacity white ink enables highlights, and rich, dense colours on clear materials. Gloss ink creates special effects, realistic textures and enables enhanced durability. Decal-release primer provides an easy way to customise solid, 3D objects and uneven surfaces.

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Available with the new VersaOBJECT LEC2 Printer/Cutter (excluding LEC2-300 model) and LEC2 S-Series Flatbed Printers, new EUV5 ink offers significant cost savings versus previous generations, as well as further safety enhancements.

The orange and red ink options boost colour gamut, adding vibrancy, visibility and impact to create stunning printed graphics.

A new improved printable primer option offers even greater media compatibility. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll deliver exceptional images print after print.

Colour Gamut ECO UV Ink Roland DG

Expand Your Ink Gamut

EUV5 ink is available in Orange and Red to further increase colour gamut.

Red in general builds confidence, excitement, vibrancy and urgency and gets attention while orange adds high visibility and impact to printed graphics and offers a warm and welcoming glow with positive emotions.

Colour Gamut ECO UV Ink Roland DG


ECO-UV inks are GREENGUARD Gold UL2818 certified.
This certification provides assurance that these inks meet some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.

EUV5 inks (CMYK, Or, Re, Wh, Gl, Pr) are tested to meet the requirements of EN-71/3:2019 Safety of Toys Part3: Migration of certain elements standard*.

* Certification of the printed product is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the user printing the product to gain any certifications required and to bear the cost of any certification process. The toy manufacturer is responsible for compliance with legal requirements with toys.

Which EUV ink for your device?

Our range of EUV inks have been formulated to match your VersaOBJECT printer as follows:

EUV5 inks are available to use with the VersaOBJECT LEC2 Printer/Cutters (excluding LEC2-300) and VersaOBJECT LEC2 S-Series Flatbed Printers.
EUV/EUV4 inks are available to use with the LEC2-300, LEJ-640 and LEF Series models.
EUV S inks are available to use with the LEC2-300 and LEJ-640, stretching up to 220 per cent

All inks are available in CMYK, white and gloss (except EUV5 ink, which includes orange and red and EUV S ink, which is available in CMYK and white only).

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