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The SOLJET EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer

The EJ-640 represents the next advancement in inkjet printing.  Made with unmatched stability and reliability it was developed to withstand the longest print runs, offering improved print speeds and higher quality graphics and colour results.

  • Dual eight-channel Piezo inkjet heads house 180 nozzles per channel
  • Offset-positioned print heads move in a large print pass for increased production and follow a mirrored pattern to reduce the chance of banding
  • Advanced media feed allows media to feed through the printer accurately at high speeds     
  • Rigid industrial design ensures quality output
  • Patent-pending Roland Intelligent Pass Control system controls dot placement between passes, producing exceptional solid colors and photographic image quality
  • Variable dot control achieves smooth gradations and deep image saturation on a broad range of media     
SOLJET® EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer Close Up

Pay Pennies for Perfect Results

Ink costs have never been lower than when using EJ INK, with arguably the most efficient ink usage in the industry. Available in high-capacity 1000 cc cartridges in CMYK plus Lc, Lm and Lk, you can undertake long production runs with less need to change cartridges.

Furthermore, GREENGUARD Gold certified EJ inks meet some of the world's most rigorous standards for decoration use in sensitive environments.

Free Up More of Your Time.

Because the EJ-640 large format colour printer doesn’t need constant supervision, you can concentrate on other important tasks. Here are the features that provide consistency and quality on longer print runs:

1000 cc ink cartridges

Front-mounted heavy duty take-up
unit for heavy media and long runs

Adjustable media feed for accurate centering and take-up

Support of heavy roll media up to 40 kg in weight

Rigid industrial design eliminates vibration for quality printing even at high speeds

High/low head positioning supports various media thicknesses

SOLJET® EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer

Quick-Dry Finish

The EJ-640 dries prints quickly, even in high-speed mode, for immediate finishing, installation or collection by the take-up system. The integrated tri-heater system features:

Pre-heater to improve media receptiveness
Print heater to accelerate ink fastness and brightness
Dryer to ensure greater productivity, scratch resistance and safe takeup
SOLJET® EJ-640 Large Format Digital Printer

Print Heads Last Longer

The EJ-640's three-part patent-pending wiper system is designed to significantly reduce ink build-up around the edges of the print head, decreasing wear and tear, minimising user maintenance and prolonging head life.

EJ-640 close up

Includes Latest VersaWorks 6 RIP Software

Includes Latest VersaWorks 6 RIP Software

VersaWorks 6 expands your print capabilities and maximises the power of your Roland devices with the latest features to enhance the world’s most popular RIP software.

• HARLEQUIN RIP dual-core engine and native 64-bit processing – effective processing of PDFs with shadows and transparencies
• Icon-based interface with drag-and-drop functionality 
• Five print queues and the ability to save and store unlimited queue settings
• Special Color Plate Generation – auto-generate White, Gloss and other ink layers
• Built-in Pantone and Roland Color spot colour libraries 
• All the advanced and ease-of-use features of VersaWorks


Includes Latest VersaWorks 6 RIP Software

ICC Profiles with Roland Profile Center

The Roland Profile Center makes it easier than ever to locate and download profiles from Roland and other major media profile providers.

Predictive Ink Calculator

Never Stop with Roland Technology

In dual CMYK mode, the Roland Ink Switching System allows trouble-free continuous printing and increased production capability. The Roland OnSupport app allows for 24/7 production monitoring no matter where you are - and with dual CMYK, 2 litres of each colour onboard provides enough ink for the EJ-640 to run on and on and on. The Predictive Ink Calculator built into VersaWorks Dual ensures you’re kept up to date on the amount of ink being used on each job.
Predictive Ink Calculator
Roland DG Care

RolandCare Included

Built to provide years of reliable service – even in the most demanding print environments – the EJ-640 also comes with a one-year Original RolandCare warranty*.

Roland DG has earned a reputation for long-lasting, high-performance devices, backed by first-rate customer service. This support includes expert technical assistance, videos and free Roland software updates for the lifetime of the machine.

Roland DG's international ISO certifications are your assurance of quality products and service.

*Terms and conditions apply. See warranty page for details.

Roland DG Care