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Roland technology: a profitable choice
for promotional merchandise businesses

From luxury corporate gifts to on-trend branded merchandise to fun promotional giveaways, your options are practically unlimited when you use Roland DG’s digital technology.

Our systems – including digital printing, engraving and laser decorating – are fast and precise, so you can deliver just-in-time orders with fabulous, professional results. These solutions are also fantastic complementary technology for pad and screen printing.

USB sticks placed in a jig ready to be UV printed

Opportunities for promotional merchandise businesses

Companies make big investments in advertising through promotional and branded products. The more personal, the better – who wouldn't prefer to receive something that appeals to their tastes or even printed with their own name?

Digital technology lets you do all this and more. Screen printing and pad printing are great for mass production, but when it comes to creating unique promotional products digital is the clear choice.
clear smartphone case UV printed with luxury design in white ink
clear smartphone case UV printed with luxury design in white ink

Transform ordinary low-cost objects into personalised high-profit items

The most effective promotional products are the ones that make people say 'wow'. The most unusual, the most stylish, the most useful.

With Roland digital systems you can add branding, personalisation and unique designs to almost any product you can think of. Plus, with variable data capabilities, you can add a different name, message, logo or picture to every single product.

Powerful VersaWorks 6 RIP Software Included with VersaUV LEF2-200

Fast, efficient, on-demand

Unlike analogue processes, digital technology requires practically no set-up time – it's totally on-demand. Switch on your Roland and your connected computer, send the job using the dedicated, easy-to-use software and get creating!

Once you have stored your digital file you can reproduce it as often you need, or make changes at the touch of a few buttons.

Roland BT-12 direct to garment printer
Roland BT-12 direct to garment printer

Affordable, compact technology

Digital machines for promotional merchandise may be much less expensive than you think. The evolution of technology means a lot of money-making, creative power can be packed into compact, affordable devices that can literally sit on a counter or even a kitchen table.

Unlike analogue, there is no minimum run length for you to turn a profit – one unique item can be as cheap for you to produce as one of a thousand identical products.

Technology for producing promotional items

As a promotional merchandise supplier, you have more options than ever before to add to your range. Create standard products beautifully and quickly or offer your customers something extraordinary to make their own brand stand out.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a range of Roland technologies to choose from that can help you make money – fast.

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VersaUV LEF2 Series 
Roland VersaUV UV-LED printers and ECO-UV inks are the popular choice for promotional merchandisers, thanks to the breadth and flexibility in materials and products you can print directly to.
Combine CMYK, White and Gloss ink for visual impact and unique embossed effects on promotional products such as phone covers, hard drives, pens, awards, gadgets and even heat-sensitive, fragile and flexible items too.
Roland UV printers can print onto spherical or oddly shaped objects like golf balls and, with some optional hardware, cylindrical items such as wine bottles. The possibilities are practically endless. Roland VersaUV systems come in a range of sizes. The smallest VersaUV is a genuinely desktop-sized gadget, some larger VersaUV systems have an integrated cutting function, and the biggest is so big you can put a door through it! Our handy profit calculator can help you see the potential of our LEF benchtop UV printer range.
TrueVIS SG2 640 

Quickly create custom apparel, labels and decals using Roland eco-solvent printers and printer/cutters.

Expand your product range with customised garments such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats and handbags, as well as labels for items like wine bottles, packaging and souvenirs. Using Roland eco-solvent printers, cutters and integrated print and cut devices, you can customise short-runs and one-offs in minutes, adding tremendous value that your customers will be happy to pay for.

Check out the award-winning TrueVIS, VersaEXPRESS and SOLJET ranges for eye-popping colour, quality and speed. These industrial systems are ideal for banners, signs, vehicle graphics and multiple small items like stickers.

The Roland SF-200 desktop flatbed printer has been specifically designed for sensitive applications. You can customise lots of unusual promotional products from wooden children's toys to plastic drinks bottles, and even medical and dental instruments.


Digital technology has revolutionised engraving! Invest in a cost-effective Roland engraver or impact printing machine to cut production times and make bigger profits. Produce premium personalised awards and plaques, high-spec branded products and corporate gifts, and cool giveaways such as business card cases, key fobs and USB sticks.

Roland digital engravers deliver precise results quickly, cleanly and safely. These easy-to-use, compact solutions can fit into a design studio, workshop or retail space. The DE-3 desktop engraver is ideal for plastics and metals, while the METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer is fantastic for small metal items.

Roland LV series laser engravers use safe, non-contact CO2 lasers to cut and mark fragile materials including wood, leather, acrylic and card. They're perfect partners for Roland VersaUV LEF benchtop UV printers: cut your shape and add tactile details with LV, then print colour and text with VersaUV.

LD-80 and LD-300 Laser decorator 

If you're looking to create glamorous promotional products simply and affordably, laser decorating is a winner.

Roland LD-80 and LD-300 laser decorators give you a no-mess, no-fuss way to add names, logos, slogans, designs and details to luxury branded items. These clever gadgets use a heat-transfer process to add metallised foils in golds, silvers and lustrous colours to all kinds of corporate gifts. Try it on leather diaries, plastic phone cases, stationery, electronics, cardboard gift boxes and more.

BT-12 direct-to-garment printer 

Tap into the world of fashion with promotional T-shirts, caps, tote bags and sweatshirts – branded products that really get noticed.

Roland’s Texart dye-sublimation printers can add value to your business through profitable textile applications like sportswear and workwear, as well as hard goods such as mugs, eyewear and other accessories. Dye-sublimation allows you to heat-transfer graphics to textiles, wood, metal and unique, high-value substrates.

Print colourful designs and logos directly onto stylish promotional products like cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags. Go bigger with the Roland Texart XT-640S-DTG multi-station direct-to-garment printer, a serious solution that can print up to 450 T-shirts per hour.


Roland devices are delivered with the software you need to produce amazing promotional merchandise and make big profits. Prepare or design your digital print file on your computer, send the job to your printer or imaging device, and see your product come to life.

Roland DG PersBiz, the online shop for print businesses to start selling on line


Roland PersBiz is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to take your business online. Customers can choose, personalise and order a product from your website, input their payment and delivery details and more, all on one platform.

Roland DG PersBiz, the online shop for print businesses to start selling on line

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