Shooter Padel produces premium-quality racquets

Shooter Padel   |   Spain

Padel racquet on top of a Roland DG LEC2 machine

The Gallardo’s are an entrepreneurial family of woodworkers who started a new project by renting Padel courts in Olius, Lleida. They quickly saw a business opportunity when many racquets broke during play. Alongside Alfred and Xavier Perramón, they started the Shooter Padel project.

One of the founders showing two personalized racquets

Sergi Gallardo, one of the founders of Shooter Padel said, "It began with repairing racquets in the garage at home. After releasing how many broke, we decided to build our own brand."

And the best way to enter the market was to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating a product with premium-quality materials (such as basalt and premium carbon fibre), one hundred per cent craftsmanship down to the last detail and materials sourced entirely from local suppliers.

To develop a premium product, Shooter Padel invested all its efforts in creating its manufacturing process, earning itself a place among the top brands.

Shooter wanted to provide customers with a customisation service and turned to Roland DG’s direct-to-object technology

“The LEC2 flatbed printer offered us high quality printing with a wide range of colours. We opted to add red and orange to our ink configuration for more vivid colours. Plus, the machine offers a double white option for maximum opacity.

“Investing in this technology has allowed us to stop outsourcing, reduce our costs and lead times, and increase production. We now have full control of the entire process and can create durable products in-house.

“What’s more, the LEC2 was 100% compatible with our existing processes, meaning we could introduce this seamlessly.”

One of the founders with a pile of personalized racquets

The sides of the blades, which are also essential for an attractive racquet, can be applied with water-based decals or vinyl with eco-solvent print-and-cut technology.

In addition, Shooter Padel uses the same device to print applications other than racquet production, such as signage for events, advertising in tournaments, or even customising merchandise such as t-shirts, caps or shovel sleeves.

One of the founders showing two personalized racquets

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