UV Printers Create Innovative Industrial Design Models

U-Jin   |   Japan

U-jin is a prototype model production company whose clients include leading automobile manufacturers and electronics manufacturers. The company handles a wide range of requests, from design models to working models for checking operation and exhibition mock-ups for events.

By introducing the LEF UV printer, we were able to express gradations and photographs in high quality, which is difficult with screen printing, and production time was greatly reduced. In addition, the LEF has made it possible to reproduce even tactile sensations such as grain and leather textures, improving our ability to make proposals.


  • It took a long time to make a silkscreen printing plate.
  • They struggled to express gradations.
  • Even though they could handle multiple colours, they could only produce flat prototypes.


  • Lead time has been greatly reduced with direct printing.
  • It is now easy to create difficult gradient samples and to respond to detailed requests.
  • The gloss ink has expanded the range of expression by enabling the production of prototypes with glossy finishes, textures, and leather-like grain.
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