front of retail outlet three large posters featuring models printed on the front

The best digital printers for retail signage and displays

Temporary retail signage, POP promotional displays, sale signs and banners: projects that may only be in place for a short time need to be extra eye-catching to drive footfall. Punchy colours, stylish designs and easily readable text are essential for making an impact in a busy street or shopping centre, to practically grab potential customers off the pavement and into the store.

Social distancing and safety signs, too, need to attract attention – they're not doing their job otherwise. Permanent displays and signs are typically more understated, but a sophisticated design demands high quality and durability.

Luckily our eco-solvent printers, UV flatbed printers and dye-sublimation printers hit all these marks and more. Here are just a few examples of how Roland print technology can be used for seriously effective display projects, both short- and long-term.

Outside a retail shop store front showing three vibrant UV printed images of models

Whether your customers are looking for a winning window display that will be in situ for a season or need POP material that will be in place for just a few days, take a look at the high-volume IU-1000F UV-LED flatbed printer. This exceptional machine delivers the speed, colour reproduction and unlimited printing possibilities that will accelerate any print business.

The photographic image quality, including natural skin tones, are a perfect fit for a fashion boutique.

bike helmet sale two days only sale banner hanging in cycling shop 

Roland high-volume VersaUV flatbed printers are ideal for printing on an exciting array of materials. They’re perfect for direct-printing bold colours onto corrugated polypropylene board for in-store sales promotions, like this sports shop example.

Gallery open poster on an A-frame sign on pavement in a street 

A-boards are an excellent way to grab people's attention as they're walking down the street. Replicate a traditional pub chalkboard sign, highlight an end-of-season fashion sale or simply announce a gallery is open to visitors with an A-board, printed with Roland eco-solvent inkjet printers.

Poster printed with metallic ink using a Roland digital printer for a make-up display counter

Our eco-solvent printers can offer an incredible colour gamut, from green and orange to white and metallics, like this poster on a make-up counter.

Black Friday sale banner printed in red and black ink and hanging from ceiling 

It is also the go-to technology for indoor banners, like this Black Friday sale ad.

Hanging dye-sublimated soft signage banner in shopping centre promoting fashion store 

For banners that catch the breeze, check out Roland Texart. This dye-sublimation process is fantastic for durable soft signage and fabric banners, achieving amazing accuracy and colours with staying power on both temporary and permanent displays for indoor or out.

Fanta pop-up display created by Roland printer user Vinehall Displays in a bus station 

If you need to replicate brand colours and artwork, Roland eco-solvent printers with bundled software make it super-simple to achieve. Some of our most popular systems also have integrated cutting functions, so you can create extraordinary retail experiences like this Halloween themed kiosk by Vinehall Displays.

Printed poster in a frame hanging in a music shop with a background of album cover posters 

This framed in-store sign for a pop-up music shop is all about the strong design but could also be cut to any shape and size with Roland printer/cutters.

There are lots of ways to produce stunning retail displays, shop signs and promotional collateral with just a few examples shown above. 

What's the best printer for your retail customers’ needs?

If you need speed and volume, take a look at the IU-1000F - the ultimate UV-LED high-productivity flatbed printer that can take on most retail signage jobs with ease.

Perhaps our award-winning TrueVIS printer/cutters could be a good fit for your business? Representing the next generation in print and integrated cut technology, they offer exceptional versatility and certifications by the industry's leading media suppliers.

Our TrueVIS VF-640 large format printer is a popular choice for print professionals working with clients in the retail sector or perhaps the Texart RT-640M multi-function dye-sublimation printer will meet your customers' soft signage needs?

To discuss which is the best technology or solution for you – and for more ideas on wowing your clients and their customers with stunning posters, banners, signs and other indoor and outdoor graphics – get in touch with the Roland team.