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A leather bag with a digitally printed pattern
A leather bag with a digitally printed pattern

Leather Printing with Digital Print Solutions

It doesn't have to be genuine leather to be a genuine business opportunity. The market for leather and leather-effect goods is hungry for full customisation without the wait.

Today's latest generation of leather printers can reproduce vivid details on leather, artificial leather materials like PU leather and leatherette and exciting new vegan-friendly leathers like Piñatex.


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If you need a machine for printing on leather and other leather-effect materials, Roland has the solution for you. Our range of digital print solutions let you print ink or foil directly onto leather items, or print onto rolls of leather-effect media. If you can imagine it, a Roland printer can make it happen.

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Leather briefcase with UV printed logo
A leather coaster with custom foil graphics
A leather handbag with custom-printed pattern
A flask with a custom-printed leather cover.
A pink leather card holder with personalised print
Close up of a phone case with printed leather effect
A leather luggage tag with custom printed graphics
A personalised leather phone case
Close up of upholstery with digitally printed pattern.
Leather sneakers with custom printed graphics

Leather Printing Machines

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

VersaOBJECT MO-240
VersaOBJECT SF-200
TrueVIS AP-640
VersaSTUDIO BN-20D DTF Printer
LD-300 Digital Laser Foiler
Wheel hub with custom printing
A digitally printed phone case with high-definition colour graphics
Printed and cut stickers on a laptop
Printed effect with digital print
Printing acrylic graphic display with white UV ink
Customed design printed directly onto a speaker
banner showing ECO-UV inks
Printer close-up
A flatbed printer with multicoloured custom phone cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Several Roland DG print technologies allow you to print or mark either real leather or faux leather in a straightforward and user-friendly process. While some technologies might suit your needs better than others, it's possible to customise artificial leather materials like PU leather and leatherette, as well as vegan-friendly leathers like Piñatex.

Today's digital printing and ink technologies are capable of producing some of the most tough and hardwearing output available. Not only can Roland DG leather printing inks withstand moisture and UV rays, special stretchable UV inks are ideal for leather-based substrates, with their high tolerances for frequent stretching and shrinking.

Depending on your needs, it's possible to print with a choice of ink types (like UV or Resin ink), using a direct print or a transfer-based system. You could print directly onto a leather item (like a wallet) using a flatbed UV solution, or you could print custom-designed patterns onto faux leather materials using a roll-to-roll Resin printer before an item goes into production. Solutions also exist to apply foil to leather for those wanting to add a more unique customisation service.

It's possible to print onto 3D objects made of leather and we recommend flatbed UV printing as an ideal solution. With generous printing heights and highly precise calibration systems, it's perfect for printing onto flat leather objects. If you need help positioning irregularly shaped items on the print bed, read our article about creating your own printing jigs or get in touch with a Roland DG expert who will be happy to answer your questions.

If you need to print on darker leather items and you want to retain vivid and accurate print reproduction, you should consider purchasing a direct-to-object print solution with the capability to print with white ink. This allows you to print a solid, white basecoat ensuring your prints have the fullest impact, even when printed on darker substrates.

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