Which VersaUV LEF to choose? Answer these eight questions to find out

Which VersaUV LEF to choose? Answer these eight questions to find out (Infographic)

The Roland VersaUV LEF series is a trio of powerful printers with amazing profit potential. These clever systems use advanced UV printing technology to print vibrant designs onto thousands of different materials and objects. They are the perfect investment to access many lucrative markets such as the wedding and gift, personalisation, packaging, corporate merchandise, signs, awards, interior décor, industrial goods and many other sectors.


VersaUV LEF printers are easy to use, making them great complementary technology for existing print businesses and the ideal first step into printing for ambitious entrepreneurs looking for a new challenge and revenue stream.


Take a look at these helpful tools to help you decide which VersaUV LEF is right for you:

  1. FREE LEF COMPARISON INFOGRAPHIC - Download our free VersaUV LEF quick reference guide so you can easily compare our three UV benchtop printers.
  2. 8 QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BUY - Read on for eight important questions that will help you decide which model could be the perfect fit for your business.
  3. FREE PROFIT CALCULATOR – explore our interactive profit calculator and find out in minutes how much money you can make each week with a Roland VersaUV LEF printer.


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VersaUV LEF comparison 




There are three VersaUV LEF printers to choose from, all with amazing money-making features. To help you choose the perfect LEF for your business – the VersaUV LEF-12i, LEF2-200 or LEF2-300  – let's get started with these eight questions.


1. What do you want to print?

Roland VersaUV LEF printers and ECO-UV inks are compatible with an almost unlimited range of materials – giving you the freedom to print and personalise practically whatever you want. Businesses use LEF printers to print designs direct to leather notebook covers, wooden signs and gifts, plastic phone covers, and so much more. Certain materials, such as glass and acrylic, may need a primer to help the ink adhere; the VersaUV LEF2-200 and LEF-300 feature an on-board primer to make it easy.


2. How large are the items you want to print?

There are three sizes of Roland VersaUV LEF: the compact LEF-12i, the business-builder LEF2-200 and the larger LEF2-300 – the best-seller of the range. The smaller LEF-12i can print several small items at once and is great for printing one-off bespoke objects, but for medium-sized and larger items the LEF2-200 and LEF2-300 may provide the space you need. If you need to go even bigger we have a whole range of UV printer solutions for you to check out too!

There are three models in the Roland VersaUV LEF benchtop UV printer range

3. How many items do you want to print?

The VersaUV LEF-12i is ideal for short-run customisation of small objects like USB drives, smartphone cases and photo frames. For longer production runs, the larger bed sizes of the LEF2-200 and LEF2-300 could increase your production speeds.


4. Do you want special effects and textures?

VersaUV LEF printers and Roland ECO-UV inks offer bright, crisp CMYK colours. But that's not all: there's also white ink, great for spot colours or as a base layer on dark or clear materials, and gloss to add eye-catching highlights. Gloss can also be printed in layers to build up true 3D textures and Braille text. These special effects and textures look incredible on a wide range of products and materials, and a primer will help ink adhere to some smooth materials like glass and plastic. The LEF2-200 and LEF2-300 can both be configured with an on-board primer.

5. Do you need a vacuum table to hold your items?

Most items can simply be placed on the bed to be printed or held in a jig – particularly useful if you want to produce multiple prints. However, if you're printing on light or semi-flexible materials such as card stocks or control panel membranes, a vacuum table – included as standard with the LEF2-300 – will keep your material totally secure on the print bed.


6. Do you need an extraction unit?

If you want some extra peace of mind, an extraction unit has been specially developed to remove any odours generated during printing with VersaUV: the BOFA PrintPRO Base. BOFA has developed the system to fit under Roland VersaUV LEF printers to save floorspace and is even colour-matched for a clean aesthetic, offering a contained solution. It runs efficiently and quietly to give additional assurance to businesses that require it.


7. How much space do you have?

The three VersaUV LEF sizes mean there should be a machine to fit into your workspace. The compact LEF-12i (999 mm (w) x 862 mm (d) x 549 mm (h)) is designed as a desktop device, while the medium LEF2-200 (1,202 mm (w) x 962mm (d) x 549 mm (h)) is a little larger. The biggest LEF, the LEF2-300 (1,866 mm (w) x 955 mm (d) x 576 mm (h)), requires more room. If you invest in a BOFA extraction unit this fits under your LEF and provides extra storage space for inks, blank items and your beautifully printed work. Even the largest VersaUV has a compact footprint, and is clean, safe and easy to use – meaning even micro-businesses can get started in UV printing.


8. What's your budget?

Three different machines: three different price options. The VersaUV series starts from just £12,999 for the smallest UV flatbed printer, the LEF-12i. This includes VersaWorks 6 RIP software and a one-year Original RolandCare warranty. If a BOFA extraction unit is required, this should be factored in. Check out our intuitive LEF profit calculator to see how much money you could make each week and how quickly your VersaUV LEF could pay for itself. Some Roland Authorised dealers may offer a finance package to help you spread the cost of your investment, helping you get into UV printing even faster.


There's quite a lot to consider before you invest in a money-making Roland VersaUV LEF printer, but our experienced and knowledgeable Roland team are on hand to give you all the information you need. They can answer any questions you have, invite you to a tailored demonstration and even create some personalised samples completely free of charge for you. Contact us today. 

Don't forget to try our awesome interactive profit calculator to discover how much money you could make with your new LEF each week – a fantastic investment for your business.