In-house Customisation of the Highest-Quality Padel Racquets

Shooter Padel   |   Spain

Shooter Padel manufactures top-quality Padel racquets with thorough attention to detail. Through the provision of high-quality products and customised services, it has become one of the top brands.

The LEC2 flatbed printer offered us high-quality racket production with orange and red inks for vivid color representation. In addition, we were able to bring customisation services in-house, leading to cost savings and increased production.


  • They wanted to bring the production of customised rackets in-house, as they had been outsourcing production, which was costly and the quality of the prints could not be controlled.


  • Achieve in-house production of customised services for reduced costs and lead times and increased production.
  • The entire racket manufacturing process is now completed in-house. Quality control is possible, and products of the highest quality can be made in-house.
  • In addition to manufacturing rackets, the company is now able to produce advertising signs for events and tournaments, allowing for a wider range of business development.
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