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Roland DG provides numerous machine options for putting your custom designs onto metal or creating high-value personalized products.

Roland DG machine solutions include direct printing with UV flatbed technology, photo-impact printing on metal giftware and equipment, dye-sublimating onto ChromaLuxe metal, and vinyl wrap production with inkjet printers.


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Whether you need a productive and user-friendly metal printing to replace your screen or pad printing set-up, individually customise metal products or reproduce high-definition graphics on aluminium dibond panels, Roland DG have the solution for you.

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VersaOBJECT MO-240
Wheel hub with custom printing
A digitally printed phone case with high-definition colour graphics
Printed and cut stickers on a laptop
Printed effect with digital print
Printing acrylic graphic display with white UV ink
Customed design printed directly onto a speaker
banner showing ECO-UV inks
Printer close-up
A flatbed printer with multicoloured custom phone cases

Frequently Asked Questions

UV-LED printing is very effective at printing onto all kinds of materials, and metal is no exception. While this technology will produce vibrant and durable prints on most metals, certain metals (for example, stainless steel) can present issues. You can work with wipe-on primers or targeted, printed primer to open up more metals for printing, however, testing is always advised. It's also important to consider the reflectivity of the substrate and ensure that UV curing light is not being reflected back at the printhead resulting in printhead damage.

Various digital print technologies can be used to transfer prints onto metal. Notably, dye-sublimation is a popular option, with direct-to-film (DTF) printing becoming more common in recent years. Both of these methods use heat and pressure to securely transfer the print. Specialist UV printing processes also allow you to print using special films and primer solutions, then transfer the print to the metal item without the need for heat.

Because CMYK digital ink is semi-transparent, the surface it's printed on will have an impact on the final appearance. In the case of metal, dark-coloured or shiny surfaces can mute the colours of your print making them less vibrant. High-opacity white ink can be precisely printed as a sub-coat before printing the graphics, ensuring that the colours retain their vibrancy.

It's important to note that printing directly to highly reflective surfaces using UV printing methods can be challenging due to the UV light curing that is required of the inks. On a reflective surface this can be reflected back causing damage to the printhead. Therefore, it's recommended that you always speak with a Roland DG expert or dealer before proceeding.

If you are working with materials like metallic vinyl or metallic cardstock, digital print technology is an ideal solution. Like printing on real metal, you may still need to use white ink to keep your colours vibrant.

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