Q: Is it possible to print on my printer, and cut on my GX-machine afterwards?
A: Yes, you can have 4 devices controlled on the same VersaWorks. Among this you can control your GX cutters.
See the procedure here.
Video showing the cut procedure.

Q: When I turn on the power of the machine, the tool carriage moves to the left side and bumps into the left frame, resulting in a motor error.
A: In case this occurs, please contact your dealer for a service intervention.

Q: ''Internal Error'' message appears in the display.
A: Please contact your dealer if this problem occurs.

Q: "Motor error" message appears in the display on my GX-500/400/300.
A: Please check that "Feed before Cutting" is checked.

Q: I cannot find a hardware driver for Macintosh.
A: Mac OS does not require the hardware driver. CutStudio AI-Plug-in for MacOS outputs the cutting data directly without a driver.
You can find the driver at the following link http://dg4.roland.co.jp/en/cutting.html#cutstudioaipinmac

Q: The cutting is irregular and it looks like a stitch cut.
A: Check the following. 
1. Blade holder is not secured. 
2. Cutter protection.
5. Force & speed settings in the User's menu.
6. Blade is worn out. 
If the problem still occurs, please contact your dealer.

Q: When cutting a circle, the circle is rough and the start/finish points do not meet.
A: Replace the blade and/or the blade holder.
If the problem still occurs, please contact your dealer.

Q: Tool carriage hits the frame on the right hand side.
A: If this occurs, please contact your dealer for service.

Q: The display shows mixed up characters.
A: If this problem occurs, please contact your dealer.

Q: The plotter cuts wavy, especially when cutting circles and horizontal lines.
A: Check the following:
1. Cutter protection.
2. Blade holder is not secured. 
3. Force & speed settings. 
4. Tool does not move up and down smoothly.
At the same time, check out the following points about your data:
1. If there is no Fill in the cutting object.
2. If the line width of cutting lines is set on 0.001mm. When you use CorelDraw, the line width must be set on 0.001mm.

Q: Curves are not smooth with Windows XP Driver.
A: Check the following. 
There is no Fill in the cutting object.
Sometimes there's a cutting problem with the CAMM-1 Driver and Corel Draw and Windows2000.
If there is a fill in the object with above condition, the machine tries to cut the curved object twice.  
Line width of cutting lines is set as 0.001mm.
When you use Corel Draw, the line width must be set as 0.001mm.

Q: The machine shows "Fan Error" on the LCD during cutting.
A: It could be that there's some dust in the fan. Please try to clean out the dust.
If the problem still occurs, contact your dealer.

Q: The machine shows "Err: Bad position". The pinch roller sensor and the carriage cable have already been checked.
A: This error message could happen when:
1. The pinch roller position is not correct
2. When the light in the room is too strong. This deactivates the sensor.
3. When the machine is exposes to direct sun . This deactivates the sensor as well.
If the problem still occurs, please contact your dealer.

Q: The maximum distance between the front crop mark and the rear crop mark is 1500mm.
A: The maximum length in cutting is 24998mm (in GX-series). However, the maximum interval of the crop mark is 1500mm. This is just to prevent the media from striking the floor when the machine feeds the media back and forth. But if you send a job of more than 1500mm, the GX cuts it after reading crop marks. And, on the detection route where the crop mark sensor travels, nothing should be printed. Otherwise, the printed object may be detected as crop mark.


Q: Which type of serial cable can be used?
A: An RS-232C compliant serial cable can be used. Check if the wiring diagram is as shown below.
The serial cable is available at Roland DG as "XY-RS-34".



Q: When a file is sent from CorelDraw + windows driver, the machine stops feeding the media in the middle of the operation and starts cutting a number of strange lines without feeding. When sending through CutStudio, there's no problem.
A: If "High Resolution" is set in the driver, remove the selection.
If you use the Plug-in for CorelDraw (or Illustrator), the "High Resolution" causes no problem.

Q: Crop marks that are printed by Roland VersaWorks cannot be detected correctly. Detection fails at one of the crop marks during detecting, or fails from the beginning.
A: It is caused by the sensitiveness of the crop mark sensor. If the problem keeps occurring, please contact your dealer.

Q: The machine shows "ERROR2 : WRONG NO:S".
A: "ERROR2 : WRONG NO:S" means that the number of parameters after the command is wrong. 
Check the cutting data in first instance. 
If you've checked the data and the data is correct, it is possible that there is a problem between GX-24 and the PC. 
Check the following. 
1. Please check that the machine and the PC are grounded. 
2. Please try outputting the data with another cable. 
3. Please re-install the windows driver with the latest version.