Expand your range

Versatile digital printers and flexible software let you personalise everything from gaming peripherials to PCs.

Free yourself

Get the flexibility you need to experiment with new products and cash in on trends with minimal cost.

Keep it simple

Straight forward, user-friendly solutions can integrate into your workflow and generate revenue immediately.

Grow with confidence

The most reliable solutions in the industry help you grow your business with complete peace of mind.

The average shopper is willing to spend an extra 12% on products that have an element of personalisation.1

- Censuswide, November 2020

The video game industry, as a whole, is projected to have grown by 27% during 2020...2

- The NPD Group, 2020

Watch the video to see how easy it is to customise gaming hardware with direct-to-object UV printing.

Perks and Power-ups for your Business

Businesses in the gaming industry have reacted to the growing demand for personalised products and developed a simple and profitable workflow, powered by equipment from Roland DG.

No matter the size of your business, we have a solution to meet your needs and help you build a truly competitive offering.

Unlock these Perks with Roland DG

  • On-demand Personalisation
  • Rapid Product Development
  • In-house Promotional Items
  • Top-tier Print Quality
  • Seamless Workflow Integration
  • Pick-up-and-play Interface
  • On-call Technical Assistance
  • Natural Skills Progression
  • Free Software Updates

And plenty more...

"Millennials want unique products designed just for them. It is one of the most important purchasing parameters and ranks far higher than factors such as price"

Add Some Power-ups to your Inventory

Roland DG's user-friendly hardware and intuitive software is just what your business needs to unlock exciting new capabilities. Here is a small selection of options.

Direct-to-object Printing

Use low temperature UV inks to print durable graphics and glossy highlights directly to components or complete items.

  • Game pads
  • Keyboards
  • PC base units

All-in-one Printing and Contour Cutting

Print onto adhesive vinyl and cut intricate borders with precision all on the same user-friendly device.

  • Console skins
  • High-quality decals
  • Promotional stickers

Find Your Solution


Are you ready to up your game and raise the bar? Get in touch with a Roland DG personalisation expert and boost your rank with some high-powered new equipment.

Why Choose Roland DG?

People buy Roland equipment because they know it will do what they need it to and more. Our mission is to be the best, not the biggest, which is why our solutions are the most reliable in the industry.

  • Almost 40 years of trusted technical excellence
  • Robust, flexible technology and repeatable results
  • Unparalleled post-sales service and support