Business Evolution Created by Versatile UV Printer

Progetti Srl   |   Italy

Progetti Srl manufactures and sells furniture accessories and miscellaneous goods designed by world-renowned architects and designers. They produce a wide variety of original and sophisticated design products such as wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, umbrella stands, mirrors, and more.

We went for a Roland DG because it was clear that it is an extremely versatile machine that adapts well to the various rhythms of production and can work with many different materials without any issues. This allows us to maintain profitability while continuing to innovate and come up with new ideas.


  • Without machines capable of printing on thick and diverse three-dimensional objects, the company had to rely on outsourcing for many processes, which had many disadvantages in terms of quality and profit.


  • It is now possible to achieve in-house production by printing three-dimensional objects up to 200 mm thick. Stable quality control and improved profitability are achieved.
  • Primer ink has made it possible to decorate not only glass and wood, but also marble, tiles, and other materials that are difficult to print on.
  • The company has succeeded in differentiating itself from competitors by making it possible to produce customised products of the highest quality.
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Create Value with Direct Printing

Introducing VersaOBJECT from Roland DG - a comprehensive solution that enables anyone to easily print directly onto 3D objects made of a variety of materials.