Developing Creative Students Through STEAM Education Using UV Printers

Hiroshima Institute of Technology Senior High School   |   Japan

The high school focuses on developing creative human resources through advanced initiatives such as STEAM education practices. Its digital workshop, equipped with a laser cutter and 3D printer in addition to a UV printer, provides an environment for students to create freely.

When we print with the LEF2-200, the results are so good that it is hard to believe they were made by amateurs, which makes us feel that "anyone can make things now.” Professional-quality printing on three-dimensional objects is now possible, and the range of student creations has expanded.


  • More and more students were graduating and going on to higher education without any manufacturing experience.
  • They wanted to develop people who could boldly take on challenges and solve problems on their own.
  • Laser cutters and 3D printers could only produce monochrome expressions.


  • It is now possible to offer students not only the study of science and engineering but also the experience of making things. In addition, more students have been attracted to this class and come from far away to enter the school.
  • Creative human resources have been developed to take on the challenges of creating new things and values without the fear of failure.
  • The ability for anyone to create professional-quality colour printing has increased the freedom of students to create their own work and improved students' positive attitude toward learning.
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