Think it can be printed cheaper? Give Roland DG the chance to prove you wrong

As the number one manufacturer of wide format print and print & cut devices worldwide, Roland DG have a reputation for always being ahead of the curve. With the launch of the next generation of professional SOLJET printers; the introduction of the SOLJET EJ-640, Roland DG’s latest solution for intense production printing, that trait was once again assured.


With running costs an important factor in any print shop, the introduction of a lower-cost printer that could produce up to 10x the amount of work sounds too good to be true. The SOLJET EJ-640 Challenge gives Roland DG the chance to provide customers with physical proof, in the form of a printed banner, that it can be done cheaper. Full VersaWorks Dual calculations will also be provided, with time, cost and ink usage all in plain black and white.

Rob Goleniowski, Sales Support Manager, says: “The EJ-640 is a revolution in high volume printing, combining speed and economical production in one device that would benefit a huge amount of businesses; and our EJ-640 Challenge aims to prove that. Send us in any banner file and we know we can print it cheaper; just let us show you how.”

Offering cost efficient, high volume production for intense print shop environments, the EJ-640 is the solution the print industry has been waiting for. Running at high speed, the EJ-640 can easily produce up to 102m2 of media in just one hour; at a cost of just 98p per square meter. With those calculations, it’s easy to see how a business purchasing an EJ-640 could bring in a profit within the first month.

As well as the attractive low production costs, the EJ-640 offers reliability without compromise, with the ability to support heavy media rolls with no complaint. Combined with Roland OnSupport for remote monitoring through email updates, and Roland Ink Switching System for uninterrupted printing utilising two of the EJ-640’s 1L bulk CMYK EJ INK cartridges, the only limit on your production capabilities is when you run out of media.

As UK market leader with decades of experience in the industry, Roland DG knows how important it is to reach out and provide the same level of service and care anywhere. The challenge can be accessed through the Roland DG UK website, allowing entrants all over the country to provide artwork and contact us regarding any queries they may have about the EJ-640 from the comfort of their own workplace.

For more information on the SOLJET EJ-640 and the EJ Challenge – CLICK HERE