Making bike personalisation
smarter with Roland DG devices

Made for Bike Manufacturers and Bike Personalisers

Bike frame personalisation printing services now present a lucrative profit opportunity and Roland solutions deliver on this, and ensure that bringing production in-house will save time, drive profit and guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Made for bike workshops and manufacturers, smart personalisation means stickers, decals, masks, thin materials, high-quality details, minimal production time and reduced production waste.

Roland DG has the technology you need

Produce masks to apply before painting the frame.

Benefits of Digital Bike Personalisation with Roland DG Devices

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The thinnest personalisation solution ever
For waterslide decals and ultra-thin vinyl.

Super-fast production time
Get it right – first time, every time.

Offer new solutions to your customers
A wide range of media & ink options.

No more out-sourcing jobs
Greater control, enhanced profit.

Reduce production waste and optimise inventory
Efficient and on-demand.

Effortless integration into existing processes
Easy-to-use, fast-to-learn.

Roland Bike Personalisation Solution

From water-slide decals, ultra-thin printed stickers, cut lettering and gun paint masks, to frame wrapping and bike protection solutions. Roland offers a wide range of affordable and scalable printing and cutting solutions for fast on-demand delivery, with the shortest possible ROI. So, whether you are customising mountain, cross, road, city-urban, gravel, triathlon bikes, e-bikes, or kick-scooters, we have a printing solution to meet your needs. All devices feature the same intuitive software interface and straightforward production processes.

VersaUV LEC2-330

A comprehensive one-device solution

An all-in-one UV printing, cutting and embossing machine with ultra-vivid colour results, for superior vinyl graphics, water-slide decals, paint masks and frame protection. Output can be instantly applied, with no drying time required. The device is compatible with a virtually unlimited range of media, plus gloss and white ink allow working on coloured surfaces and for detailed highlights, embossing and special textured effects.

TrueVIS VG2-540

A perfect high-production solution

An eco-solvent device with integrated print & cut capabilities, offering the same broad range of application opportunities as the LEC2-330, alongside the additional capability of bike wrapping. With a high production throughput rate and versatility across a vast range of cutting media, the VG2-540 is a true workhorse that can quickly drive profit in your bike personalisation business.


An affordable, yet versatile solution

A compact print&cut desktop device offering the same versatility as the VG2-540, from vinyl graphics, water-slide decals, paint masks and frame protection, to bike wrapping. The BN-20 is the perfect solution for businesses starting out in bike personalisation or those with lower production requirements.

CAMM-1 GS-24

For paint masks, vinyls and bike protection

A high-precision desktop vinyl cutter for those that want to produce paint masks, cut vinyl stickers or lettering, and deliver bike protection. With wide compatibility across a broad array of cutting media, the GS-24 is perfect for bike workshops and manufacturers that have focused needs on specific applications.

Bike Personalisation

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People buy Roland equipment because they know it will do what they need it to and more. Our mission is to be the best, not the biggest, which is why our solutions are the most reliable in the industry.

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