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Shark Gaming are leading experts in delivering bespoke gaming computers that appeal to their core customer segment of gamers aged 12-35. The company develops 30 PCs with standard configurations that can be customised with about 50 different components and differentiates from its competitors by offering only the best products of the highest quality. In 2019, new opportunities opened as they were able to offer personalisation of computers and equipment after investing in a VersaUV LEF-300 printer from Roland.

Shark Gaming Systems was founded in Denmark in 2009 by Mikael Taipalus, who quickly got Daniel Gerhardt, the company's current CEO, on board. When Mikael was searching for a strong name for the company, he got inspired by the theme shows during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, as the shark is one of the sea's dominant players who is not afraid of other fish and ever since, the shark has been the main element of the strong brand identity of Shark Gaming.

Shark Gaming was initially driven from the couch in Mikael's apartment in Herlev, Denmark, where he was in charge of administration and building their website, which was to be the core driver of the business, as all sales from the beginning to this day has been conducted online. Daniel took care of the bookkeeping and in addition they hired a technician to build the specially designed computers whenever an order came in. The business gained momentum and in February 2010, after just 10 months, they reached a turnover of € 800.000.

During the summer of 2010, Mikael and Daniel needed larger premises in order to optimise the business and find room for their growing inventory. Accordingly, they rented some facilities that were part of an internet café but continuously found that they needed more space. In 2011 they moved the company to the premises in Herlev, where today they dispose of more than 800 sqm. Daniel was a student at the time and worked on top of his studies. Mikael, who had been working non-stop for more than two years, handed over the director's title to Daniel in 2012, who then became responsible for everything from staff management of, at the time, 5 employees, running the web shop, purchasing and more. Nevertheless, Shark Gaming managed to grow by an impressive 200% in 2012. In 2015, Shark Gaming received a growth loan from a Danish growth fund to support improvements of their facilities, new website and expansion of the business into other markets, initially Sweden, which became a reality in 2017.

The company currently employs 25 young people, all of whom are passionate about gaming, as it is an important part of the business philosophy that the employees can act as advisors rather than sales people towards the company's customers.

Personalised print on cabinets and equipment creates new opportunities

Shark Gaming has for some time been printing the company's distinctive Shark logo on their PCs and cabinets. A task that until recently was carried out by a supplier. But with a delivery time of 3 weeks, very high costs and experiences with misdeliveries, Daniel believed that it could be done better and less expensive by buying the same printer for the company. He would not only be able to print in-house when needed, he would also be able to offer customers personalised print on their products.

The printer turned out to be a Roland VersaUV LEF-300, which he subsequently purchased and got installed in February 2019. Since then, the company has supplied somewhere between 300 and 400 personalised computers under the "Design Your Shark" concept. Customers can still get the Shark Gaming logo printed onto their products but can also upload their own design using templates on the company's website. The offer has proven to be especially popular with business customers, such as e-sports teams, who can have the team or company logo printed on their newly purchased equipment. But it doesn't stop at computers and hardware. Shark Gaming delivers everything to the gaming universe, such as chairs, keyboards, mice and much more, including their latest offer of game plates, which are mounted on the wall to complete the gaming environment - all items that can be personalised on the printer and Daniel is highly aware of the potential of spreading the word of the possibilities with personalisation.


“Millenials want unique products designed just for them. It is one of the most important purchasing parameters and ranks far higher than factors such as price. That is why I saw an opportunity to be able to offer personalised print as a supplement to products specially designed according to the customer's wishes and also as an opportunity to match a need that the buyers of the future will have”, says Daniel Gerhardt.


Gaming is a natural part of everyday life for children today and Shark Gaming has undoubtedly been a major part of the rapid development seen in gaming and e-sports in Denmark in recent years. Based on their experience and great success over the past 10 years, Daniel sees many and great opportunities in expanding the business to other countries and markets in the coming years.

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