Media Markt: Europe’s largest electronics retailer offers personalised products with Roland

Media Markt   |   Spain

Media Markt is Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics, with 850 stores operating in 14 countries. As a multinational retail chain, Media Markt must keep up with changing trends and customer demands. As such, it is currently remodelling its Spanish stores with a whole range of interactive technology that links online and offline channels to create a unique new experience for shoppers – a project costing €47 million.

Alongside features such as gaming zones, educational robotics, virtual reality and cookery classes, this extensive programme includes the installation of Roland VersaUV LEF-200 printers in Media Markt shops across Spain. These compact yet incredibly versatile systems can print directly to an almost unlimited choice of materials and objects up to 100mm thick – making it the perfect printer for product personalisation.

"Using Roland VersaUV LEF, Media Markt shoppers can choose to add customised designs and textures to a whole variety of products."

Media Markt customers can add their own choice of designs and textures to a whole variety of products found on the store's shelves, from smartphones, tablets and consoles, to coffee makers and even refrigerators. As well as providing exciting customisation opportunities to shoppers, this service adds greater value to the items on sale. In addition, Media Markt can cross-sell by offering personalisation services on products the brand wouldn't typically stock, such as decorative items in methacrylate, wood, metal or linen.

The Roland VersaUV is a professional imaging system but is quick and easy to use for operators with no prior printing experience. Featuring a laser object positioning system that makes it simple to print onto irregular or curved object surfaces, and 40 automatic configuration options for almost instant set-up, businesses in a range of industries are benefitting from its applications.

As a brand to embrace the potential of Roland VersaUV LEF, Media Markt has marked itself out among the competition.

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