Roland DG Launches VersaSTUDIO MPX-90S Desktop Metal Printer for Easy Production of Premium Personalised Goods

Roland DG has launched the MPX-90S, the newest addition to the VersaSTUDIO MPX series of metal imprinters.


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Aimed at print service providers in the sign and graphics and personalisation markets and entrepreneurs who want to step up a level, the MPX-90S is a solution that makes it easy to create attractive, premium gifts and accessories using metal materials that previously had to be outsourced to specialised vendors.

High value customisation on a wide range of metals

With its diamond stylus and powerful impact force, the MPX series can imprint clearly and beautifully text, graphics, and photos on various materials, including brass, aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel and titanium, softer substrates such as gold, silver and platinum, and materials with special surface finish such as hairline, grainy, or alumite at high speed and with pin-sharp accuracy.

Possibilities include personalised items such as gifts and accessories to medical and industrial part marking such as nameplates and engraving 2D barcodes on medical instruments.

Easy to operate and hyper efficient

The metal imprinting machine supports a maximum imprint area of 80 mm x 80 mm and operates as easily as a desktop printer, enabling users to produce eye-catching and high-quality results.

Safe to use with little to no metal dust during imprinting, the portable device comes standard with the METAZA Studio software that helps with simple editing tasks, such as removing backgrounds or combining photos taken with a smartphone or text and illustrations created with commercially available design software. Anyone can easily and accurately load the materials into the device and accurately imprint items without special training.

Keeping up with the evolution of personalisation

"Since the launch of the first MPX model in 2000, we have focused on expanding our desktop product lines like the VersaSTUDIO MPX-90S to appeal to the needs of retailers and businesses looking for profitable new services with limited staff and space, as well as individuals who want to start their businesses from home," says Gregory Bilsen, CEO at Roland DG EMEA

“The exciting MPX-90S metal printer launched today was developed in line with the growing demand from gift and accessory shops wanting to offer new services with high added value, and individuals looking to start their own personalised services business, with the goal of making Roland's desktop series of metal imprinters affordable and available in an even more user-friendly manner for everyone.”

Versa Studio MPX-90S

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