Eco-Sol MAX


ECO-SOL MAX is Roland DG’s innovative and award-winning eco-solvent inkjet ink. Available in CMYK colours with the addition of Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, White and Metallic ink, it provides a superior print solution for sign and graphics professionals who demand higher standards in both colour and performance.

The latest generation of ECO-SOL MAX ink

ECO-SOL MAX 3 is the new generation of Roland DG's award-winning eco-solvent ink. The ink offers an overall high quality performance, with even faster drying times, bigger cartridges and a lower price per cc of ink. Of course, it also delivers the reliability, quality, consistency and durability that Roland ECO-SOL MAX is renowned for.

ECO-SOL MAX is vibrant and sharp

ECO-SOL MAX ink has an extremely wide colour gamut that delivers rich, vibrant and solid colours, with exceptionally bright reds, greens and blues. It also prints the finest details beautifully, providing crisp text and graphics with sharply defined edges and smooth gradations. If you’re looking for maximum impact in your banners, signs, decals and other output, ECO-SOL MAX will delight even the most discerning of customers.

ECO-SOL MAX Metallic Ink

Winner of prestigious DPI, EDP and Viscom awards, ECO-SOL MAX Metallic Silver (available in ECO-SOL MAX 2 version) ink is an absolute game changer for your business. This powerful digital printing asset transforms ordinary graphics into stunning metallic colours and effects that command higher prices and stop viewers in their tracks. Printed as a spot colour, or combined with CMYK, it’s possible to create over 500 metallic or pearlescent hues. Add excitement to window graphics, elegance to packaging or an additional edge to POP/POS promotional images.

Undercoat or Enhance with ECO-SOL White Ink

With White ECO-SOL MAX ink (available in ECO-SOL MAX 2 version), you can explore profitable new applications for your business, printing on clear and reflective media for high-impact labels, packaging prototypes, window graphics and more. It can also be printed as an undercoat to CMYK images to dramatically enhance print quality on dark coloured substrates.
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