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Woman wearing a custom printed hoodie

Fabric printing has never been so fast, flexible or fit for the future

Fashion is fast, fickle and flexes on a whim. For decades the fashionistas have followed the designers, devoured the media and flocked to the retailers to be first with the latest trends in clothing, accessories, fabrics and interiors.

Textiles, garments and soft furnishings were printed en masse to meet demand as catwalk and show-home designs were copied, watered down and their identikits churned out by shops in their thousands. With the upsurge in e-tailing, it also became easier than ever for customers to get their regular fashion fix and, with reliable next-day delivery, they could do it in an instant.

Flexible Customisation On-demand

Today, the trend is less for identikit and more for individuality, as image-conscious 21st century trendsetters prefer to stand out from the crowd with their own unique style. But if you thought that this meant that customers would tolerate longer lead times for individually customised items, then you would be disappointed. Customers have grown used to an instant fix and aren’t about to give it up.

The pressure is on for those in the business of textile and garment printing, and those who nail customisation on demand will be the winners.

Fortunately, with 40 years’ experience observing and reacting to change in the customisation market, Roland DG is in the business of taking the pressure off. So, there’s never been a better time to introduce the latest generation direct-to-fabric printers into your organisation.

Denim being printed on a flatbed direct-to-textile printer

Introducing the Texart XT-640S-F


  • Print on to both open fabrics and directly to garments with a single device

    The Texart XT-640S-F gives you total flexibility to print both large fabric pieces and on to a wide range of garments and products - from T-shirts to jeans, and from handbags to soft furnishings.
  • Never turn down an order

    The ability to add highly customised one-offs or fast turnaround short runs to your offering, at short notice and on demand means the XT-640S-F can help you respond to the most demanding of customer needs. Give your customers the best of both worlds as fast as they’re needed.
  • Total flexibility of print options

    The XT-640S-F is available in 3 bed sizes: 1250mm, 2250mm and 2850mm, and a vacuum table to hold the fabric securely in place during printing. For garments, an optional jig configuration lets you print up to 6 garments of different sizes, all in one job, while a 1-litre bulk ink option allows continuous printing for a quick delivery.
  • Vibrant yet natural effects every time

    Our CYMK and high-density white inks are specially developed for direct-to-textile printing to achieve bright colours, and sharp imagery and text on both white and coloured garments or fabrics. As the ink goes straight into the fabric fibres, prints have a natural look and feel that also achieves excellent performance ratings in commercial wash tests.
  • Latest generation software

    ErgoSoft Roland RIP software has been designed to deliver the very best user experience, with intuitive user interfaces and highly productive workflows. The software is packed with time and money saving functions such as background colour removal for ink reduction, and an auto-white generator allowing white data to be created easily within the RIP.
  • Peace of mind

    Roland DG has earned a reputation for long-lasting, high-performance devices, backed by first-rate customer care, and the Texart XT-640S-F is built to provide years of reliable service. Every Roland customer has access to consultancy services from pre-sale, through installation and beyond, with the additional reassurance of 24/7 technical support whenever it is needed.

    What’s more, every device comes with a one-year RolandCare Original warranty and our inks are ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified – so you and your customers are assured of an eco-friendly solution.
  • Affordable to buy and run

    This is an agile, short-run-specific machine designed to sit alongside existing and traditional production methods. There are no set-up fees and a simple digital workflow allows for low production costs and quick return on investment, with realistic print costs of around €0,50 per garment*

The Texart XT-640S-F has everything you need to meet the demands of a fast-changing, ever-adapting textiles sector. It’s fast, flexible and fit for the future, allowing you to focus on the innovations and strategies that will grow your business. It’s like it was made-to-measure!

* Prices based on printing White + CMYK using 300x400mm jig, 720x720 resolution. Results may vary.