Printing on Golf Balls

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Golf ball printing machine
Golf ball printing machine

Golf Ball Printing with Digital Print Solutions

Printing onto golf balls and other golfing equipment is easy using LED UV printing technology from Roland DG. With a Roland VersaOBJECT printer, you can print custom designs directly to golf balls – perfect for gifts, promotional products and branded items.

These UV direct printing solutions also let you print on golf-related products like golf tees, trophies, notebooks, digital golf scorers, bags, golf clubs and lots more.


Professional Golf Ball Printers

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Golf ball printing has never been easier, faster or more accurate than with Roland DG’s range of VersaOBJECT UV flatbed printers. Print company branding, text or high-resolution images on golf balls of various colours to order. It’s a cost-effective and speedy way to get high-quality, long-lasting results, and with a custom jig, you can print multiple items in one run. From compact desktop devices to larger, industrial-scale machines, VersaOBJECT has the right system for you.

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Printing Golf Balls and Related Products

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Golf Ball Printing Machine

Professional Solutions from Roland DG

VersaOBJECT MO-240
Customed design printed directly onto a speaker
Printed effect with digital print
A digitally printed phone case with high-definition colour graphics
Wheel hub with custom printing
Person working with VersaWorks 6
banner showing ECO-UV inks
A flatbed printer with multicoloured custom phone cases
Printing acrylic graphic display with white UV ink

Frequently Asked Questions

Printing golf balls, tees, markers and other related golf products is easier than ever with a digital flatbed UV printer. Print directly onto a variety of different materials, including 3D and rounded objects, on a single printing machine. Flatbed printers come in larger sizes too, making it possible to print on an industrial scale.

With a UV flatbed printer, UV light instantly cures the printed ink on the surface of the material. UV inks are designed for vibrancy and flexibility. They can stretch to fit around curves so they can print onto cylindrical or rounded surfaces, offering exciting opportunities to personalise products up to 100 mm high.

Spot UV is a term used to describe the application of a clear ink for highlighting elements of the design. This creates an eye-catching, glossy finish in specific areas, for example on logos or text.

Because the ink is cured instantly at low temperatures, UV printers use much less energy than other technologies which rely on heat to dry the ink. Also, the lamps require no warm-up time, which reduces standby consumption when not in use.

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