Print and Cut

Versatile solutions for a range of printed products

weeding a sheet of print and cut stickers

What is print and cut?

A Simple Way to Grow a Print Business

In the 1980s, Roland earned a reputation for developing top-quality large-format printers and near-invincible cutting plotters. In 1995, we married these technologies together in a single integrated device which can print graphics and cut contours in the same operation.

Now, there are more than 129,000 print and cut devices in the world with models ranging from compact desktop devices to high-speed wide-format printer/cutters suitable for all levels of production.


weeding a sheet of print and cut stickers

What Can You Make with Print and Cut?

With the versatility of print and cut, you can make a wide variety of products and
become a one-stop-shop for your customers.

Vinyl-cut adhesive letters on a wall
Digitally printed wall graphics in a business foyer
Personalised name sticker on a nursery wall
Digitally printed custom wallpaper rolls
custom t-shirt made with heat-transfer vinyl and a printer/cutter
van graphics made with digital print
large print and cut stickers on a child's bedroom wall
window graphics produced with digital print

How Does Print and Cut Work?

Printer/cutters are popular with businesses of all sizes because they are simple to use whilst offering a large range of capabilities and potential products.

print and cut software on a pc screen


Printer/cutters allow you to cut almost any shape. To make the most of this functionality a graphic design package or Roland's VersaWorks RIP can be used.

close up of a print head for a digital printer/cutter

Print and Cut Technology

With integrated printing and cutting you can easily print then cut, cut then print or even split the processes by using crop marks to allow for lamination.

weeding excess material from a print-and-cut sticker


Prepare your substrate whether this is a wall, vehicle, packaging etc and apply by hand or using a squeegee depending on the applications size.

Get Started with Print and Cut

a digital printer and large format vinyl cutter

One Device or Two?

Solutions to Suit Your Workflow

Do you choose the convenience and compact footprint of a single print-and-cut machine, or would a separate printer and cutter suit your heavy production needs? There are a few factors to consider, but whatever you choose, we have the solution and support for your business.


A sticker printed on metallic vinyl

Never Miss an Opportunity

Say 'Yes' to Every Customer

Wondering how to grow your sign business? Successful print professionals are growing quickly by diversifying their products and offering a bigger range.

Become a one-stop shop with the power of print and cut and ensure complete customer satisfaction and repeat business.


close up of a sticker showing embossed gloss effect

Making an Impact

Standing Out with Special Effects

With a UV printer/cutter, you can use gloss UV ink to print a wide range of textures and effects. Simulated embossed finishes, glossy highlights, raised text, Braille, and 3D special effects can easily be achieved, giving your business the edge on your competition.


Customer Testimonials

Succeeding with Roland DG Print and Cut

"As a small business we were well supported by Roland. They take time for us and find a solution." - Florian van Rije, Lieuwe Boards
"Because we deal with such high volumes, the reliability and build quality of the Roland printers is just what we need." - Shane Pritchard, Stickershop
"The integrated machine was affordable yet powerful enough to produce products suitable for a number of different markets, allowing us to diversify our product range." - Mike Andrews, Signs and Lines
"The start-up of the machine is fast and the cleaning cycle is relatively short. That saves time and ink." - Wisja Lamers, WLM Design
"With Roland you get reliability and production certainty. That's why we put our trust in Roland to help our company grow." - Maik Vogel, Eastprint
"In both printing and cutting, these are machines that don't make any errors, and they are making our dreams true." - Nacho Elorriaga, Vision Grafica

Find the Right Print-and-cut Solution For You

TrueVIS VG3-640 printer/cutter
TrueVIS LG-640 UV printer/cutter

Frequently Asked Questions

Printer/cutters have versatile cutting capabilities, but they are not meant to replace dedicated cutters. They may struggle with cutting extremely thick materials like HTV flock, which dedicated cutters handle more effectively. Additionally, dedicated cutters achieve faster cutting speeds compared to printer/cutters.

Generally speaking, yes. If you already use equipment from another manufacturer, our devices can integrate seamlessly with your workflow. Please consult with your Roland DG dealer if you have any doubts.

This largely depends on the type of work you do on a regular basis, the variety of different products you offer, and the volume of product you need to produce. Printer/cutters offer benefits like convenience, unattended print runs and they take up less space than separate devices. On the other hand, with separate devices you can cut thicker media at faster speeds, and you can continue printing on one device while the other device cuts. Read our article here for more information.

Designing for print and cut is a simple process. Simply create strokes in your design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW) and assign a specific spot colour (called CutContour). We recommend placing all cut data in a separate layer for ease of editing and allowing a bleed area in all cut designs. It's also possible to add cut-lines, post-design, within the VersaWorks RIP (included with all Roland DG printer/cutters).

Touch screen on a TrueVIS AP-640

Get Ahead

How to Build Your Print Business in a Changing World

The world is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and your customers’ needs can change dramatically from one day to the next. Get your copy of our guide and learn the trends that are affecting the print industry and how you can equip your business to capitalise on them.


Weeding excess from a printed sticker
Printed and cut stickers on a laptop
Producing labels with print and cut
TR2 inks close-up
Printer close-up
Vynil rolls in different colours
Front view of a UV Printer