SRM-EKIT Engraving options for SRM-20

Discover all the benefits you can get with the new SRM-20 EKIT. A simple-to-use engraving solution:

  • Flexible and rigid laminate engraving and profiling
  • V-carve capability, particularly in wood
  • Diamond drag engraving on flat and curved metal surfaces (not cylindrical).   

Shape your new business with new applications.

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Personalise Hundreds of Items 

The NEW SRM-EKIT allows you to expand your products range:

  • Gifts and picture frames
  • Funeral plates
  • Professional name plates and inauguration plaques
  • CE marking and serial number plates
  • Interior signs and safety signs
  • Exterior signs
  • House numbers and cover plates

  • Production process plates

  • Electrical switch boxes, sockets and switches

  • Warehouse signage and labels
  • Personalised badges and pet tags
  • Control panels and keypads
  • Trophy plates, shields and scrolls
  • Commemorative plates and plaques
  • Elevator plates

  • Room and table numbers and key tags

  • Painting stencils

EKIT SRM-20 Starter Includes

Silicone mold for denture

Pack of 10 adhesive sheets

10 adhesive

This mat prevents slippage and sideward movement.


Edge guide

1 pcs

This guide improves the ease of use for positioning any flat and square object on the working table

Denture Base Fixtures

Riser pack

4 pcs

Threaded offsets are required to “raise” the engraver bed to a height that the short reach tooling can reach the material surface.

Silicone Plates

Diamond Drag Adapter

1 pcs

A spring-loaded adapter is needed for scoring on the SRM-20 as the machine does not offer a floating Z axis.

Pre-roughing tool

Diamond tool and collar

1 pcs

A special 120-degree diamond tool is required in combination with the Diamond Drag adapter. .

Silicone Plates

Engraving cutters

ZEC-A602 + ZEC-A605

Short conical engraving tools are available to fit the SRM-20 spindle.

SRM-20 engraving extension EKIT includes

Silicone mold for denture

Centre vice for MPX

1 pcs

The center vice is a key item for gift marking and customisation. It will allow users to easily load and unload a variety of items.


Centre Vice Base

1 pcs

Fixtures drastically improve the product’s ease of use. This base is held by the AS-10 mat on top of the table and holds the centre vice in the exact midpoint of the working area.

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The fully enclosed SRM-20 is a compact and portable engraving machine that runs quietly, cleanly and safely. It can be taken anywhere and used to engrave dog tags at pet shows, souvenirs at weddings, and customise metal items at craft fairs, and other events. A simple to use engraving solution, flexible and rigid laminate engraving and profiling, V-carve capability*, particularly in wood, diamond drag engraving on flat and curved metal surfaces (not cylindrical).


Milling and engraving Made Easy with a User-Friendly VPanel

The SRM-20’s VPanel controller provides a simple interface for adjusting tool position and moving the spindle to set the milling starting point.

The VPanel also allows easy control of feed rate and spindle speed with pause and resume operation, plus tracking of X,Y,Z axis milling with a numeric readout in millimetres or inches.


Software Included for Ultimate Productivity

Available for download from Roland OnSupport, the software offers user-friendly operation for all aspects of CNC milling and engraving on the SRM-20