Padel Racket Personalisation

How you can Print and Personalise Padel rackets using Roland DG devices

Made for Padel Manufacturers

Producing padel rackets which are personalised for your target audience presents a lucrative profit opportunity. Roland DG solutions deliver on this, and ensure that bringing production in-house will save time, drive profit and guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Made for padel manufacturers, smart personalisation means you can decorate both sides and surfaces of the racket in an easier and more cost effective process (print costs less than 1 Euro per racket*).  

Roland DG has the technology you need

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Easily Incorporate UV Direct Print into your Existing Production Process

  • Step 1: Print using Roland DG flatbed
    Roland DG solutions can print onto the rackets and decorate sides and flat hitting surfaces.

  • Step 2: Varnish the racket and allow to dry at room temperature
    Our UV inks are 100% compatible with your current process

  • Step 3: Drill the holes into racket surface
    Your current drilling process doesn’t damage the print

Padel Racket Personalisation

Benefits of Padel Racket Personalisation with Roland DG  Devices


No more out-sourcing jobs
Greater control, faster turnaround, enhanced profit

Increase your margins
Direct printing is easier, faster and cheaper
Offer new designs to your customers
Print a wide range of personalised designs. Plus offer more

Personalise or decorate
Print unique designs quickly and easily

Effortless integration into existing processes
Easy-to-use, fast-to-learn
Print racket sides
Using a further print and cut device, the sides of the racket can also be decorated

Roland DG
Padel Personalisation Solutions

Roland DG UV solutions offer White and CMYK solutions. With ink production costs from as little as 1 Euro per entire racket* why don’t you find out if our solutions would fit into your production process? All Roland DG devices feature the intuitive software interfaces and straightforward production processes.

VersaOBJECT CO Series

High-volume Flatbed Direct-to-object Printing


Offers a printable height of 200mm and item weight capacity of 100kg/m2 Deliver high-quality vibrant and impactful graphics, corporate logos and even photos onto your padel rackets. Extend the colours and finish with a wide range of ink options including Orange, Red, White and Gloss.

Example Padel Production figures*

These have been calculated based on printing CMYK on 26 rackets in one table. It would take around 48 minutes to print 26 faces; so 1h 36min to print 26 entire rackets. This works out at just 3 minutes 41 seconds per entire racket.

Based on sample designs, the approximate cost is 0,2-0,3 € per face, so just  0,4 – 0,6 € per entire racket

*Times and costs may vary depending on the complexity and colours in the design. If White ink is required, production time would be doubled.


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Manufacturers prefer to choose Roland DG equipment because of their versatility in any industrial customisation process, top-class printing quality and work efficiency. Our mission is to be the best, not the biggest, to match the users' needs, which is why our solutions are the most reliable in the industry.

  • Almost 40 years of trusted technical excellence
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  • Unparalleled post-sales service and support

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  • More than 40 years of trusted technical excellence.
  • Robust, flexible technology and repeatable results.
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