The Vinyl Guys was an early adopter of the Roland DG Connect machine monitoring app and currently using it with its TrueVIS SG-540 Printer/Cutter.

Roland DG Connect – The Vinyl Guys Case Story   |   UK

Vinyl Stickers 

The Vinyl Guys was an early adopter of the Roland DG Connect machine monitoring app and currently using it with its TrueVIS SG-540 Printer/Cutter.

Alex Liggett, Director of The Vinyl Guys, found the app intuitive to use, commenting that the navigation is clear and intuitive and finds all the functions beneficia

“I now have access to so much information I’ve never had access to – it’s fantastic to get a snapshot of how the machines are running at the touch of a button. I am currently using the desktop version of the app; it automatically logs in on the PC, and I can instantly see the ink levels and an overview of the jobs we have completed, which helps in ink stock management and planning future jobs.” 

Vinyl Stickers 

Healthy printer, healthy profit

The Roland DG Connect app not only prompts Alex to carry out regular maintenance, such as replacing consumables at the most convenient time but helps him prevent future issues, maintaining quality and reducing downtime.

Alex says:

“Keeping on top of machine maintenance is imperative. Without this, you run the risk of reducing the quality of your outputs, which in turn can be damaging to your reputation. You can’t make that promise to customers to deliver high-quality applications if you haven’t looked after your printer, which can ultimately impact on your overall bottom line.

“We already carried out regular maintenance (probably more than most would), but with Roland DG’s Connect app, it makes it so easy to build a schedule and put a formal process in place. The app gives you a grade that helps keep you accountable – everyone wants to score an ‘A’ rather than a ‘C’!”

Shaping the future

As The Vinyl Guys has grown, taking on more employees and building its portfolio of machines, Alex implemented a maintenance logbook detailing when work was carried out and by whom. As Roland DG Connect keeps a log of all maintenance carried out, Alex sees this irradicating the need for a physical logbook and will help the business go digital in the future. The Roland DG Connect app can also help businesses better plan their future work. Alex commented,

I can see when our busiest day was, ink and materials usage, and how many hours the machine has been operating. All of which helps with improving our workflow efficiencies and better planning of future jobs.”.

Protecting your assets

Regular and consistent maintenance can extend a machine’s lifetime. However, sometimes having warranty protection is needed for those unexpected errors. For added peace of mind and to avoid warranty issues, the Roland DG Connect app lets users instantly view the status of their device warranties and expiration dates.

Alex added,

We’ve always used genuine inks and had our machines serviced by a Roland DG Care engineer. However, it’s great knowing that we will now have a log of how the machine has been used and maintained for future reference, which will be helpful should we ever need to claim on our warranty. What’s more, if we choose to upgrade and want to sell this machine on – any new owner will be able to see the machine has been cared for.”


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