Studio Kaligraf revolutionises packaging production with the Roland DG LEC2-330 investment

Studio Kaligraf   |   Croatia

After 30 years of hard work, experience, learning and development, Studio Kaligraf has successfully carved its niche in the field of packaging production.

Renowned for its unique integrated packaging design and production processes management solution, its primary line of business is prepress for printing, a service in which the company has become the go-to partner for an extensive range of customers.

The key to Kaligraf’s three decades of success is the willingness to invest in innovative new ideas and equipment to keep ahead of the curve.

The company recently acquired a Roland DG VersaUV LEC2-330 – an all-in-one UV print and cut solution able to create realistic packaging mock-ups, premium labels, signs, point of sale displays, speciality graphics and more.

“We realised that this device, combined with our knowledge and experience, was the best option for the needs of most of our prepress projects,”

comments Željka Tihomirović, Marketing Manager at Kaligraf.

Kaligraf black note book

Realising multiple benefits

Before making the switch, Kaligraf worked in stages that combined various printing techniques with manual work.

With the VersaUV LEC2-330, the business can significantly shorten its production times, improve precision and quality, and be cost-effective thanks to the ECO-UV EUV5 ink supply system.

The machine can also produce value-adding finishes such as embossed effects and high-quality matte and gloss varnishes.

“Creating different 3D models is an important segment of our job, whether they be digital or tangible. Both must be perfect because sometimes the mock-up is the only material our clients use to prepare marketing campaigns or promotions and negotiate with retail chains before production."

“This investment has allowed us to expand our client services and raised the level of quality,” 

she adds.

Evolving old processes with new printing solutions

Digital printers help speed up prepress processes, making it easier for Kaligraf’s clients to manage packaging processes and support its internal marketing and promotional efforts. For example, as a gift for its clients, the firm made black notebooks to which it applied stickers made entirely by the VersaUV LEC2-330 printer – a nod to what is possible now thanks to the new equipment.

“We made impressive stickers on a metallic material which combined many features such as metallic effects and relief, matte and glossy varnish, contour cutting, and printing in white,”

Tihomirović says.

“We also personalised a part of the edition and created several different design solutions”

Kaligraf’s designers create files for printing using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This project would have been highly complex and cumbersome to make the final product using classic printing and finishing techniques.

“In that case, we would certainly have had to give up personalisation, not to mention the huge cost of this process. However, printing using the Roland DG VersaUV LEC2-330 provided the optimal solution."

By improving quality and precision, reducing the complexity of the prepress for the mock-up process and decreasing the number of stages across its production lines, Kaligraf is now better placed to serve its client needs.

Kaligraf team admire freshly printed labels