Nick Goodacre, owner of the Wellington Clinic, explains why his Roland DG DWX-4W has kept his customers coming back time and time again

Wellington Clinic   |   Chelsea, London

In 2009, Nick Goodacre opened the award-winning Wellington Clinic, in Chelsea, London, offering customers a complete dental service - from preventative care and hygiene, to restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments. With an ambition to be the best in the business, Nick set out to source the state of the art facilities needed to stand out from the busy London dental market.

Nick began looking for the best in in-house dental milling equipment when he introduced the TRIOS intra-oral scanner from 3Shape into his practice December last year. As providers of digital technology for dental professionals, 3Shape offered the Hertfordshire native a digital impression solution for the Wellington Clinic; which when partnered with the right dental milling machine could improve outputs and keep his London practice ahead of the competition.

In January 2016, Nick discovered the Roland DG DWX-4W Dental Wet Milling Machine. Boasting the latest in Roland DG technology, the high performing machine enabled the Wellington Clinic to quickly and accurately produce crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers at high-speed with its Jaeger DentaDrive spindle and simultaneous 4-axis milling.  Offering both unattended milling convenience and a reliable and efficient performance, Nick was immediately sold on the wet milling machine.

Commenting on why he chose the Roland DG DWX-4W, Nick said: “Over the years, as new technology markets have opened up for dental professionals, advancements in scanning technologies have improved massively. When looking for a milling machine to work with our TRIOS machine, the Roland DG DWX-4W was the obvious choice. The machine has clearly been designed so that even the most novice of users can quickly get to grips with its diverse range of capabilities, meaning our entire team could create precision prosthetics almost instantly.”

In addition to ease-of-use, the DWX-4W worked in complete harmony with Nick’s recently installed TRIOS intra-oral scanner. The scanner enabled Nick and his team to produce documented-accurate digital colour impressions, and when coupled with the Roland DG machine, the practice could offer flawless precision prosthetics quicker and easier than ever before.

“The combination of Roland DG technology with the TRIOS scanner has enabled us to offer clients a same day service for inlays, onlays and crowns. This has saved our customers time by eliminating the need for two appointments, as we are able to offer our customers an accurate scanned and milled restoration within an hour and a half allowing us to perform the necessary treatment there and then. The milling machine is an essential element in our clinic and without having the ability to offer a digital scan, I’m sure that we wouldn’t see as many customers talking about and recommending our clinic as often as they do.”

As well as providing instant scans, the partnership between the Roland DG DWX-4W and 3Shape TRIOS scanner has enabled the Wellington Clinic to streamline its processes into a more efficient transition that both increases volume output and minimises the margins for error.

The Roland DG DWX-4W can mill up to three different pin-type materials continuously in one operation, meaning that at the clinic we are able to produce restorations for up to three different patients in a single production run. This efficiency has benefited us with huge savings in time, labour and costs.”

Dentistry is a sector in which digitisation is bringing particularly enormous benefits for both patients and laboratories. These are exciting times with the introduction of affordable, precision technology driving the development of profit-driven innovation across the industry. Digital technology such as the Roland DWX-4W provides vast opportunities for dental practices to diversify into new and exciting markets, as well streamlining production processes, maximising efficiency and improving quality across dental care.

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