Make complicated dental procedures simple with Roland DG technology

Evodental   |   UK

Dedicated to working towards the future of Dental implant technology, Evodental pride themselves on being on the pioneering end of the industry. Based in two UK locations, brothers Manoj and Rajesh Vijayanarayanan run the commercial and clinical aspects of the centre respectively, offering revolutionary full jaw rehabilitation therapy. They are supported by a full clinical and technical team, Professor Paul Coulthard, Head of Dentistry at the University of Manchester and where Dr Vijay is Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow in Dentistry within the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

With such complicated procedures being a daily occurrence at Evodental, Manoj decided to make the leap into digital technology to save on time and produce a perfect result first time. Evodental’s first purchase from Roland DG was the DWX-50, the UK’s first, affordable bench-top 5-axis precision milling machine - ideal for the production of crowns and bridges, and exactly what the company was looking for.

Says Manoj; “We were interested in finding a milling solution that provided the whole package in one. When we stumbled upon Bristol CAD CAM, we were recommended a 5-axis table top machine that was small and easy to use. That machine was the DWX-50, and it was the right tool with the right solution for us.”

"when it comes to table top milling for the dental industry, Roland can do no wrong.”

Since the DWX-50’s purchase, the machine has been put to use for countless hours in the Evodental bespoke prosthetic department. Offering the versatility and hygienic conditions Manoj had specified, producing PEEK bridge frames and zirconia full contour prosthesis overnight was a simple and quick process, affording the business more time to invest in further innovating their practices.

Continues Manoj; “I’m a commercial person, not a dentist – and I still found Roland DG technology impressively simple to use, with a little trial and error. The DWX is completely versatile, and for what is costs it’s an investment that you definitely get return on. In my eyes, when it comes to table top milling for the dental industry, Roland can do no wrong.”

Since installing the DWX-50, Manoj estimates that approximately 2000 bridges (subframes and superstructures) have been produced with the help of the machine in the centre’s lifetime. The support from Roland DG, as well as the reassurance of quality and reliability the brand offers, has further encouraged Evodental to invest in Digital Dental technology for the future without hesitation.

In October 2015 Evodental continued their support of Roland DG with the first UK purchase of the DWX-51D, offering 5-axis simultaneous milling and a new, C-shape clamp in a sleek, modern container highly suited to the Evodental brand. They were very proud to have the first one built at their new purpose built Heathrow supercentre where it has been working continuously since day one. Not only is the DWX-51D a step up from the DWX-50, but it is also economical and even more user friendly.