Accessibility to professional graphics production is amplified through the new VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series from Roland DG

VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series


September 7, 2023 - Roland DG, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced the addition of the BN2-20 and BN2-20A desktop inkjet printer/cutters to its VersaSTUDIO product line-up. With this launch, Roland DG is looking to democratise professional graphics production by providing home offices and small businesses access to state-of-the-art printing technology - for which demand has shot up since the start of the pandemic.

The new addition to the VersaSTUDIO line-up of desktop products brings diverse decoration technology to home offices, offices, and print shops as they look to start or scale their enterprises. The BN2 series offers a choice of two powerful eco-solvent desktop devices that produce outstanding print quality and have precision contour cutting that allows for the creation of automatic contour-cut graphics, photos, and text in any desired shapes and applications, making it ideal for creating high-value-added items, including t-shirts, posters, stickers, labels, and unique-shaped displays, in high definition and quickly.

The printers use the same high-definition printheads, eco-solvent inks, and cutting technology as Roland DG’s wide-format printers - making sure that smaller print shops have access to premium printing, with better ink density and range. Print speeds are also enhanced in the new BN2 series, with the printers increasing printing speed four-fold for users, enlisting the help of a new linear motion guide, additional dryer, and new main board. Streamlined installation means that users can immediately begin production and the newly designed Frontal Access Structure allows all tasks, from media setup to maintenance, to be performed from the front of the printer for more efficient use of space.

“Since our founding in 1981, we have been providing digital solutions that enable anyone to easily do what could only be achieved previously by people with technical printing skills and experience,” said Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division. “Today, our compact, easy-to-use, and affordable desktop products are marketed under the brand name VersaSTUDIO and include a broad range of popular desktop solutions, such as inkjet printers, cutters, engravers, metal printers, and foil transfer laser decorators.”

Customers can choose from two models including the CMYK plus White 5-color BN2-20 and the CMYK 4-color BN2-20A, according to their requirements. FlexiDesigner design and output software that would normally have to be purchased separately is included as a standard feature, making the printer an attractive financial proposition for first-time users. A comprehensive manufacturer's warranty and optional maintenance contract are also provided - putting customers at ease in regard to maintenance. The BN2 series also comes Roland DG Connect App ready - giving operators real-time access to important data about print jobs, as well as their business. The on-demand data enables them to save on print runs and alter the structure of their runs for maximum efficiency. Adding to the many cost-saving benefits of the lineup of desktop printers.

“Since the first model was introduced, over 25,000 units of the BN Series have been sold, encouraging the taking on of new challenges by many different customer segments, including entrepreneurs, companies bringing outsourced production in-house, and educational institutions committed to STEAM education practices,” Miller said. “With further advances in productivity and usability, the BN2 series opens the door to greater creativity and business success for even more people. We will continue to expand our VersaSTUDIO series lineup to encourage new challenges around the world.”

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