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History of the T-Shirt

From humble beginnings as a piece of men's underwear, the T-shirt has evolved into the world's most popular piece of clothing.  

This infographic from Roland DG takes you on the fascinating and colourful journey of the tee, pinpointing the great moments in T-shirt history that have made it a piece of clothing that hangs in wardrobes in every country in the world. You might even be inspired to print your own!  

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History Of the T-Shirt

The Future of T-shirt printing

As we move further into the 21st century, the world of the humble T-shirt is changing even faster than ever. Thanks to advances in eCommerce and changing consumer tastes, personalisation is becoming a massive trend.  

Now, it is not enough to have a cool tee – everybody wants something that nobody else has, which means more variety, more imagination and more opportunities for custom T-shirt businesses. 

Not only that, but the equipment has become much easier to use and more affordable, so it has never been easier for people to start their own T-shirt customisation businesses from their spare rooms.  

For those established businesses, the big challenge will be adapting to quickly changing trends and the demand for one-offs and short runs. Screen printing, the technology that made mass T-shirt production possible, is sadly unable to rapidly adapt to this shift in the market.  

Once again, manufacturers of advanced digital technology have come to save the day with fast and flexible DTG (direct-to-garment) printers. With these devices in place, large-scale garment customisation businesses and fulfilment companies can easily say ‘yes’ to any request, big or small.  

If you want to future-proof your T-shirt-printing business, we want to help you. Get in touch with us and find your ideal solution today!