Phone case printers: Smartphone and tablet customisation

The latest phones look pretty cool – but they could look even better! In fact, your mobile should be customised to reflect your own taste and personality. 

Smartphones and tablets are blank canvases. They are beautifully engineered but generic; even with the latest colour options you'll have the same phone as millions of other people. You could buy an off-the-shelf case, but why not make it special to you? 

Our devices are almost extensions of ourselves, holding vast amounts of personal information – photos of our friends and families, bank details, messages and memories – so the outside should be just as individual.

Phone case printers: unlocking huge profits

For print professionals, a phone case printing machine offers coveted customisation to customers – and lets them showcase their creativity. Roland VersaUV phone case printers give graphics providers the tools to produce custom covers for phones and tablets – even to print directly onto the devices themselves. Here are just a few examples:

high volume phone case printer

Roland flatbed UV printers let you print phone cases and tablet covers on demand, with fast and effective results. You can even print effects such as tactile textures, further expanding the creative potential.

machine for printing designs on phone cases
Most smartphones are packed with treasured family photos, snaps of friends and teammates, gorgeous landscapes and everyday memories. If you have a phone case printing machine, it's easy to take these images and print them directly onto the phone cover, letting you create unique, personalised products that fly off the shelves.

printing customers' photos onto phone cases

Printing textures on phone cases and tablets

Did you know you can even print textures with Roland VersaUV printing technology? This printed iPad cover recreates the actual texture of a basketball thanks to UV gloss ink effects – perfect for sports fans. 

printed textures on a tablet cover

Cascade Graphics has won an award for this smashing design for an iPhone case. Using a Roland UV flatbed and UV gloss inks, the creative team achieved intricate textures and pattern effects that really make an impact. 

award winning mobile phone printing

How to use a phone case printer to print multiple cases

Using Roland VersaUV flatbed printers you can print multiple cover designs on multiple devices at the same time. Watch this 30 second video to see how - with the help of a jig to keep the phones in place when printing – you can achieve this quickly and easily. 


White ink on a black background really makes a statement – especially when you want some quiet! Roland UV flatbed printers have a white ink option that adds highlights to graphics and makes dark colours really pop. 

white ink printing on mobile cases

Photo-quality phone case printers

This is true personalisation: your customer's image replicated right there on their phone – it's a real talking point. Thanks to true flesh-tone colours and even texture options, you can produce something very realistic.

photo-quality phone case printing machines

Lovers covers - what could be cuter than complementary phone cases like these?! Perfect as Valentine's Day presents, anniversary gifts or 'just because', these covers are designed as pairs. Add photos or cartoons of the happy couple or any design that you fall in love with – in incredible colours and textures.

cartoon bears printed on mobile phone casesphotos printed on mobile phone cases

Images courtesy of Depositphotos

The beauty of Roland VersaUV technology is that no matter what your production needs, there’s a device that can fit your requirements. The VersaUV LEF-12i is a small flatbed UV printer ideal for those just getting started in mobile phone and tablet printing.
Jig for phone case printer

However, if your customers are wanting hundreds of customised smartphone or tablet covers, take a look at our latest VersaUV S-Series wide-bed UV printers. Production is no problem for these mean machines – you can print up to 400 phone cases, all with completely unique designs including white and textured effects in one quick print run. 

wide bed mobile phone case printer
And, as you can print up to 200mm in height with the VersaUV S-Series, you have the ultimate versatility and complete freedom to get super-creative and print directly onto an extensive range of objects besides smartphones and tablets. You need to see this machine in action if you haven’t had the joy to do so already – we guarantee it can help you offer your customers something extra special. 

Consumers love their gadgets and love to have them customised. Explore Roland's popular UV printing technology, training from the Roland Academy and inspiration from the Roland Creative Centre to ensure you have everything you need to enter this lucrative and creative market.