UV Inkjet Printer Chosen for Creating Realistic Models

Model Factory Hiro   |   Japan

Model Factory Hiro is a manufacturer and distributor of kits for F-1 cars, rally cars, and other models. The elaborate and realistic finish of the models has earned a strong reputation among many model fans.

Printed expressions that were previously possible only with decals are now possible with the LEF UV printer. In addition to improved profit margins, the quality of our models has improved due to the variety of printing. New work is only going to increase.


  • 100% of model decoration was handled by decal stickers and pad printing.
  • With decal stickers, it was especially difficult to transfer the decals to rounded parts such as tires, and there was a risk of them peeling off.
  • All decal stickers and pad printing had to be outsourced, but this was costly and time-consuming, and it was impossible to respond to sudden changes.


  • It is now easy to decorate tires and other surfaces.
  • Gloss ink can be used for raised printing to faithfully reproduce three-dimensional letters and carbon fibre-like textures. It can also be used to print on metal parts, allowing for more realistic and higher quality model building.
  • About 50% of decal stickers, which used to take about three weeks from ordering to delivery, are now produced in-house. This allows for quicker response to changes, which improves production efficiency and profitability.
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