Twiddley’s see improved work-flow efficiencies with Roland DG Connect

Twiddley’s   |   Llanelli, Wales

GR2-640/540 64” and 54” vinyl cutters

Twiddleys specialise in supplying flatbed jigs, blanks, and bases to use on flatbed digital UV printers and currently own a TrueVIS VG printer/cutter.
As one of the first users to adopt Roland DG Connect, Twiddleys found the machine monitoring app easy to set up and intuitive to use. With an easy-to-navigate, colour-coded dashboard giving an instant view of overall statistics such as ink levels, wiper lifetime and the levels of liquid waste, Twiddleys love having the ability to check its machine’s statistics without needing to power up.
Alex Wills, Director at Twiddley’s commented,

"Having access to all this data on my phone in an app makes the little things so much easier – like ordering ink. We try to not keep too many inks in stock at any one time because of expiry dates; with Roland DG Connect, we can easily see what’s running low and only order what is needed."

“What’s more, with the ability to see when our TrueVIS printer is due for maintenance, we are now much better able to plan jobs and tasks by scheduling time for regular cleaning and maintenance of all our machines, creating a single period of downtime, which causes less disruption to our business.”

Before installing the Roland DG Connect app, Alex relied on the machine giving prompts when maintenance tasks needed to be completed. With a visual reminder to do these tasks, the team at Twiddleys has found they pay much more attention to these smaller manual tasks, and they always complete them in a timely fashion.
Alex adds,

"With the alerts from the app, it is much easier to be more pre-emptive, and we can schedule the cleaning of all our machines at once. Maintenance downtime can easily be 15-20 minutes per machine, plus time to prep the kit for cleaning the machines. The app removes the frustrations that come with cleaning one machine and the next day realising the other one needs doing.”
In summary, Alex remarked, “I would highly recommend Roland DG Connect to anyone looking to improve efficiencies in everyday tasks. Using the maintenance overview, I can see at a glance when the next manual clean is due, allowing me to schedule the manual cleaning of multiple machines at once. What’s more, when ordering ink, I can check the ink levels without needing to power up the printer.”

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